Campaigning in the Snow in Lakewood — 7 Comments

  1. Do these fries favor eliminating Algonquin Township?

    Obeying Lord Pritzker?

    Teaching Kindergartens rectal sex techniques?

    Tax increases?

    Cat taxes?

  2. Not much of Lakewood in Algonquin Township. Most in Grafton Township.

  3. Time to finally clean up Lakewood.

    Let’s take the trash out and get some new faces that are transparent.

    Just curious to see who counts the votes.

    I could see that LITTLE shit phil or one of his turds not being able to count correctly from what it looks like in the finances they’ve been handling over the years.

    Seriously who does count the votes?

  4. Yes “Truth”, I am a sick person.

    Sick of libtard wipes like you!

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