If Chicago Dumps Lincoln Statues, McHenry County Should Offer a Home

From Block Club Chicago.

Stories are out about how Chicago may be taking down statues of Abraham Lincoln.

There is not solid evidence that Lincoln ever visited McHenry County, but, what the heck, local residents voted for him.

I did read that Lincoln traveled from Chicago to Rockford.

Hard to do that without going through McHenry County…at least a little bit.


If Chicago Dumps Lincoln Statues, McHenry County Should Offer a Home — 10 Comments

  1. Revisionist history – used by Leftist (DEMOCRATS) in an attempt to overthrow America.

    Statues of Lord Jumbo Boy and the degenerate midget from Chiraq soon to replace them.

  2. I believe Lincoln served briefly during the Blackhawk “war”.

    If so he probably took part in the advance northward through Northern Illinois into Wisconsin.

    I would think he did in fact at least travel through McHenry County.

  3. All statue locations should be that of Barak Hussein Obama, the messiah, the community organizer of Chicago. In 2008 he received 76 percent of the vote in Nov in Cook County overall. His winning percent in Chicago was greater. Who better to adore, remember, idolize in that great town, Chicago.

    Construction of the Obama Library will begin this year in Jackson Park in Chicago. What better way to honor this man than to also have statues all over the city. In every ward. In every precinct. Chicagoans love Obama.

  4. I’ll take them ALL cause I believe I had a history here in MY AMERICA!

    But a good offer from MCty too… the rest of them who don’t want them are NOT AMERICAN AS they are NON EXISTANT… to this land of OURS

  5. Abraham Lincoln’s signature has been found on documents at the Woodstock Court House.

  6. Well, Lincoln invaded states that had a right to secede.

    Just like the Jugoslavia break up.

    He’s a war criminal in my book.

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