Michelle Malkin Interviews Wendy Rittenhouse and Robert Barnes

Michelle Malkin
Robert Barnes
Wendy Rittenhouse

Update on Kyle Rittenhouse, the criminal case and information for the Legal Defense Fund

Mid Wednesday afternoon, conservative media and author Michelle Malkin (and Oberlin College graduate like Cal) interviewed Wendy Rittenhouse and Robert Barnes.

The nearly 30 minute interview is cued below.

Source: Michelle Malkin YouTube channel

Bonus: At very beginning of video, Malkin gives a very heartwarming tribute to Rush Limbaugh, who passed away Wednesday morning due to complications from lung cancer.

The Free Kyle USA Legal Defense Fund can be reached here:


Michelle Malkin Interviews Wendy Rittenhouse and Robert Barnes — 8 Comments

  1. Free that Kid.

    Kenosha burned, no prosecutions.

    What’s wrong w/ that pretty picture?

  2. He took two lives.

    He should receive the death penalty.

    Or life in jail.

    He is real threat and danger to society.

    No Americans are safe until he is held responsible for his actions.

    He killed two people and injured a third.

    I say bo mercy for Kyle.

  3. He should be given the death penalty.

    Or life in jail.

    No American is safe. Who encouraged his behavior?

    They should be help accountable too.

    He killed to human beings.

    Injured a third.

    No mercy for Kyle.

    He killed two people.

  4. NomercyforKyle, clearly, Kyle took two lives that tried to take his first.

    Kyle is innocent and he should have never been arrested for defending himself.

    Kyles arrest is a political persecution not an ethical prosecution.

    In my opinion, the Prosecutor in this case is just trying to make a name for himself.

  5. Killing people is not categorically illegal, especially in certain self-defense situations.

  6. NoMercy, did it ever occur to you that Kyle did a great public service when he defended himself against Antifa scum like you?

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