Team Nunda Mails

Here is the first mailing that I have been sent from incumbent Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance and the Township Trustees with whom he is running:


Team Nunda Mails — 8 Comments

  1. Did Abnormal Norm Vinton approve of this?

    Must we throw more tax money down the Drain?

    Did anybody bother to check out why Tunis was in Libya.

    She can’t say she was in the Peace Corps there bc they never sent teams in there.

    Why Ms. Tynis do you covet this sleepy office of rubber stamping tax hikes?

  2. Mike Lesperance and his team are a big fat joke.

    Rumor has it, team Nunda is a team on the take.

    Could it be true?

    In my opinion, it’s a real possibility.

    Where is the Department of Justice?

    The FBI should be taking notes.

  3. Mike Lesperance, you better step up to the podium.

    You owe the people of McHenry County a clear and convincing explanation about your behavior while in office.

    There has apparently been overspending and allegations that people are on the take!

    You have no excuses and neither does your entourage!


  4. How could anyone not vote for Eric Dowd..

    he is clearly the best choice and certainly the most honest

    its time each and every community starts cleaning up their own house
    as the community’s improve, so will Illinois

  5. What’s this about Tynis being in Libya?

    When was she there?

    Is she touting her North African sojourns as some kind of experience.

    What’s her story?

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