Where Did the Flu Go?

From NPR:

During the 2019-2020 flu season, some 400,000 people were hospitalized for the flu, with 22,000 deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Last week — just ahead of the season’s usual peak — the CDC had recorded just 165 flu-related hospitalizations since October.

Vanderbilt infectious disease Dr. William Schaffner gave credit to

  • masks
  • social distancing
  • a record number of flu shots and
  • habitual spreaders–kids–staying home

He predicted next year would be bad.


Where Did the Flu Go? — 11 Comments

  1. The citizenry of morons still don’t realize that they’ve been scammed,
    just like the global warming/cooling/climate change Leftist hysteria
    propagated by the likes of BecauseFakeScience.

  2. Things they make up that are no longer needed for their script to work disappear. When the script doesn’t work the way they want they change the fear porn. The people are dumber for not “catching” the way they have been played. How many times are you going to follow their lies!

  3. Knowing your lack of intellectual bandwidth BecauseFakeScience, I believe you.

  4. There’s no money in calling a flu hospitalization what it is.

    Call it Covid-related and there’s money.

    But, yeah, no doubt there’s been a measurable decrease in flu because of all the Covid crud.

    I mean, I’m not stuck in a meeting room now with someone who didn’t want to burn a PTO day just because they didn’t feel well.

  5. Aran, are you a Chinese homosexual army officer?

    One of Jack Franks’ “little pals”?

    A person who should be in a mental hospital?

  6. Because Science has already been exposed as Lord Mayor Sager (D-Pansy World)

  7. All the media hype about the Covid vaccine is wrong, just like everything about Covid-mania is wrong.

    It’s all unprecedented, suspicious and, frankly, weird.

    None of it passes the smell test, none of it.

    When have we ever locked down the entire country to slow the spread of a virus?

    When have we ever quarantined 300 million healthy people, ordered everyone to wear masks, shut down businesses, bars and schools, and pushed the economy off a cliff?



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