Lesperance Touts Financial Record — 13 Comments

  1. False info. Chickenfeed Reductions.

    Look at his expense accounts!

    Why did he “hire” Bob Miller?

    To teach Iron Mike Corruption 101?

  2. What Bull Crap is this????

    Looks like the old standard Political deflection routine…. do not answer any questions

    just make up lists of unrelated nonsense……………

    I am wondering how Republican is the Nunda Team?

    their campaign sure has the Rino look

    Hey BTW somewhere in the back of my memory is something about bulldozing down some stone pillars

  3. Sure hope the Feds are taking notes.

    They should be.

    Just so you know, Corrupt Government officials are not welcome in McHenry County.

    Apparently, Bob Miller is a paid Lesperance CONSULTANT?

    Lesperance needs to pack his bags and leave town!

    Casting my vote for Eric Dowd!

  4. This is a partial truth, although the levy was reduced he reduced the permanent hard road by almost 50% shifting the funding of the township road program to village and municipal property owners.

    Algonquin township and mchenry township actually reduced there levies and continued the same level of revenues returned to villages and municipalities.

    The unfair practice of reducing payments to villages and municipalities was pointed out to Mike years ago, yet he continued the practice, now he says vote for trustee candidates because “they live on township roads”

    Eric will reverse the practice Mike’s practice of the unfair subsidizing of township roads by villages and municipalities and institute true cost reforms.

    This will also take the effort of a board willing to be independent thinkers, vote Rob, Johanna, and Tim for trustee, watch township meetings on you tube from the past year to see Rob and Tim making a difference and saving taxpayers real money

  5. Watching past meetings are not likely.

    How about citing some specifics?

  6. Does the math in the chart from the road commissioner confuse anyone els

    Each year when the levy is reduced, the following year the levy would start from reduced levy.

  7. Keeping it Real, guess we’ll have to forgive stupid criminals…lol

  8. Funny how everyone bitches and moans about the low hanging fruit, but will do nothing about the elephant in the room (school districts).

    Why do Republicans waste their time on this bullshit and refuse to take on the real waste of money and challenge to our community?? 3/4 of my tax bill goes to schools… the rest of the bill is appropriately taxed.

  9. Mr. Hawk, I am just saying the candidate should not try to miss represent his record.

    Spending by local school districts is for another day.

  10. So he has been able to keep the levy down by stealing money from the municipalities.


  11. Along with the library districts that I have no use for more low hanging fruit that would help in reducing tax bills if they must exist make the users pay for services !

    If I want cable or satellite I do not also pay for my neighbors up and down the block if left to stand alone to survive these institutions would fail miserably more so now since no one is allowed to enter .

    There portion is as high as the township with no benefit what so ever !

    At least my street is plowed every morning when I leave !

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