UPDATED x2: AOC Transforms from Petty Partisan to Stateswoman

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

From the desk of John Lopez: It takes a Texan and a “mistake” to make the far left’s most polarizing woman into a hero for Texans in their hour of need

Ted Cruz

Everybody has heard the story, and likely seen the video, either on TV or social media, of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R, Texas) leaving his state in the midst of its worst winter storm in history causing millions of Texans to be without power for days, to go to Cancun for a winter vacation with his family.

In the most minimizing answer of a 2021 question of “what was he thinking?” Senator Cruz called his decision to leave Texas a “mistake”.

Let’s see, the vast majority of your constituents in big cities like your hometown of Houston, as well as Dallas, Ft. Worth, Austin, San Antonio and all parts in between are freezing their asses off without power for heaters, pipes bursting right and left, and some of your constituents resorting to desperate measures to keep warm, car heaters in a closed garage that took lives, and you jet off to warm climates of Mexico with your family.

Then returning home and cutting the family winter vacation early, he tries to deflect blame for his “mistake” onto his daughters, instead of owning it.

Kira Davis

RedState‘s Kira Davis, a managing editor, tweeted last night about Senator Cruz:

“The problem comes when you’re telling other people not to go anywhere or do anything and then you go places and do things.

“The problem is hypocrisy, not going somewhere warm when it’s zero degrees.”

Kira Davis tweet 2/18/21


Yes, we’ve witnessed Illinois’ Governor J.B. Pritzker (D) during the COVID crisis in Illinois, spend time with wife and daughter taking advantage of Florida’s relaxed COVID restrictions in the past year.

But as another California resident referred to Senator Cruz’s “Ted Fled” and “Not so excellent adventure” to Mexico pointed out, this is Cruz’s “French Laundry”, a reference to about-to-be-recalled California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) ignoring his own COVID restrictions and wining/dining at the exclusive restaurant with friends.

Since the Capitol Riots of January 6, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D, NY-14) has been a real nemesis to Senator Cruz. The Boricua congresswoman has publicly tweeted to her over 12 million followers that Cruz tried to have her killed, and demanded his resignation because of it.

Responding to a joke-tweet from LGBTQ+ activist, and former Star Trek actor George Takei, AOC tweeted the following late yesterday morning our time:

The typical partisan making political hay yesterday as Cruz’s Mexico trip story is becoming known to the nation, including his early return to Houston on Thursday. Remember, Cruz booked the trip on Sunday, and flew out of Houston on Tuesday as the winter storm disaster was already hitting Texas.

Then comes AOC’s transformation. Sometime after 12:39PM EST, she was prompted, likely directly/indirectly from Above and tweeted this at 5:42PM EST, just 5 hours after her conspiratorial tweet:

So after close-of-business on the east coast, AOC launched a fundraising drive through ActBlue, vowing to split 100% of all proceeds 5-way between 5 reputable Texas charities.

Less than two hours later, AOC tweeted over $325K has been raised. Then AOC challenged her followers to make the total donations $1 million by Midnight EST.

Note the times in this tweet, and what AOC states is EST.

Wow. AOC, when she turns her energies away from petty partisanship, raised over $1 million in the span of four hours, using the gifts/blessings God has given her, for His will to bring relief to Texans in their hour of need.

As I tweeted last night and what I’ll expand on here, I don’t care where one matches with AOC politically, she did a genuinely statesmanship act of mercy and grace.

Was thinking of the 1960 movie classic The Alamo (John Wayne, Richard Widmark) where Sam Houston (played by Richard Boone), having just received Col. Travis’ dire message, ended his speech citing how 188 men were buying time for his recruits to be trained with these famous closing words:

“May all Texas, remember”

I grew up in Texas, and I know, Texans will remember not only AOC’s raising funds in their hour of need, but Senator Cruz’s lapse in judgement. Texans will remember.

Whether it will impact Senator Cruz’s term in the Senate which ends in 2024, or have an impact on the TX-06 special congressional election on May 1, Texans will remember.


Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D, TX-29) represents a Houston area district.

AOC is not only doing her part from her smartphone in NYC in social media, but will be on the ground in Houston tomorrow.

UPDATE x2: From the ground in Houston 2/20/21 mid-morning CST:

Texans will remember.


UPDATED x2: AOC Transforms from Petty Partisan to Stateswoman — 37 Comments

  1. This was more than a simple “mistake”.

    This was enormous hypocracy and arrogance.

    This was the same Ted Cruz who criticized another Texas official, who was a Democrat, for going to Cabo during the pandemic and who voted against federal funds for Hurricane Sandy victims while patting himself on the back for getting federal funds to help hurricane victims in Texas.

    Then you have his disingenuous initial account where he tried to make it look like he always planned on coming right back which was blown away when people looked at the plane reservations.

    Finally, he owned up, but only after he was backed into a corner.

    He is a lying self important and selfish politician…all of the things people hate about politicians rolled into one duplicitous package.

    Good luck trying to run for President in 2024 Ted.

  2. The 20 or so inquiries I’ve received from my Northern friends, has the Media got them thinking I’m fetching pails of water out of White Rock Creek and eating tree bark.

    My biggest challenge today is keeping my grill at 250 for the brisket I put on this A.M. and the only thing I’m pissed off about is that Heidi didn’t invite me to come along.

  3. D J!!!

    Praise God you’re still with us.

    Haven’t heard from you in almost a year.

    Welcome back!

    When things settle down, would love to hear your take on the TX-24 race, and Beth Van Duyne’s great victory in spite most picking the Democrat to win that race last fall.

    Glad to hear your’re not fetching water from White Rock Creek.

  4. Are we really so gullible as to believe that all that glitters is gold?

    I have to believe AOC’s fund-drive is less about statesmanship and more about her laying the groundwork to run for higher office…

    God help us then….

  5. Paul – even if it IS about her running for higher office, she’s still raised $2m to help.

  6. BecauseFakeScience apparently does not understand how state governments function
    and once again embarrasses himself with his unabashed ignorance of the facts.

    The governor is the person who has the ultimate responsibility for whatever happens in his
    respective state, not it’s elected federal senators.

  7. John, first I’ll be working to getting back in shape, for the McHenry Blog Torture Democrats For The Cure Marathon.

    AlabamaShake’s skill at typing his brain fart’s is so impressive, I’ll be doubling up on my morning on-line bullying workouts.

  8. Paul, I have to agree with AlabamaShake here.

    Measurable results gets my, and most mainstream people’s attention.

    No one can say she’s had no impact.

    $2 million is $2 million.

    Plus, she’s going on the ground in Texas, to Houston tomorrow.

    I do pray her motivations are pure, and until I see conclusive evidence, I believe it to be true.

    As I said in the article, Cruz doesn’t face the voters again until 2024.

    Whether what he or AOC have done during this crisis impacts the TX-06 special election on May 1 remains to be seen.

    Knowing Texas, especially southeast Tarrant County, as well as Navarro and Ellis counties, I would not be surprised if the Democrats flip that seat this spring.

    We’ll see, and if they do, they’ll have both Ted Cruz, AOC and possibly Lauren Underwood to thank.


    That’ll be a subject for an upcoming article, as she has ties to the lead Democrat, Jana Lynne Sanchez, who entered the race last week.

  9. Titanic moment, everybody knows the Captain should go down with the ship, make sure you take Kinzy with you.

  10. @ Abe I am fully aware that “Health, Safety and Welfare” is the responsibility of state government and the locals, at least initially.

    However, the optics here are what look really bad. It’s like Bush taking the hit for the flyover during Katrina.

    The issue here is Cruz’s duplicity in criticizing others, voting against federal aid when it was New Jersey that needed it, and then lying about the trip until he got caught.

    He “felt guilty” sitting on the plane because people realized who he was despite the mask (notably he wore a plain mask going down and a Texas flag mask on the way back), and were posting pictures.

    Then after initially finessing the question of when he originally intended to come back to try to leave the impression that he always was planning on returning the next day, he was caught with airline booking records which showed that his original return flight was for Saturday, and he didn’t book the earlier return flight until the day of, after he had been busted.

    Then today there is an email from his wife admitting to wanting to stay until Sunday.

    So he is a lying sack of s#%t.

    Plus Senators can help facilitate the federal FEMA response and handle constituent inquiries, which is what Texas’s other Senator is doing.

  11. This is 2 times this month that Lopez has agreed with me?!?!?!

    It’s a record.

  12. Cruz’s behavior here reminds me of a story I was told by an attorney who worked for an insurance company that insured a lot of restuarants for workers compensation.

    When he first talked to his client about an alleged work injury, his client, the restaurant owner, said that the injured party “didn’t work here.”

    He then told the worker’s attorney that the injured worker didn’t work for the restuarant Case closed.

    The worker’s attorney then met with his client who gave him a pay stub from the same restuarant, which the attorney gave to opposing counsel.

    The insurance lawyer then met with the owner of restuarant and the following colloquy ensued:

    Lawyer: “You told me that he didn’t work here but here is a pay stub from you. How do you explain that?”

    Owner: “We’ll what I meant was that he didn’t work here that day”

    Lawyer: “OK, so in that case, what was he doing in the restuarant?”

    Owner: “I don’t know. He sometimes would come here on his day off and have some coffee and talk with

    Lawyer: “OK, so what was he doing then behind the counter with his hand in the meat slicer?”

    Owner: “I don’t know. Maybe he was making himself a sandwich….”

    True story.

  13. BecauseScience has just convinced me my Whoolly Mammoth Hunting School idea here in N. Dallas can really take off.

    All he’ll need to enroll is a high limit credit card.

  14. @ DJ Actually, they are now cloning previously extinct species having just successfully cloned a ferret that used to feed exclusively on prairie dogs but died out when too much of the prairie dog habitat was eliminated.

    The next step is to try to revive other extinct species like the passenger pigeon.

    All they need is some viable organic remains.

    So they should be able to clone wholly mamonths that are being recovered from retreating glaciers.

  15. Winther Soros $$$$$$$$$, Shoe Can transformer into a Mother Teresa.

    THE MSM whorette.

  16. These Sickos just lay in wait to turn on the HATE!

    but when its them they can do no wrong!

    what a joke, what is he supposed to do that the Gov is not doing which by the way TEXAS has the BEST Gov of any STATE of the union …

    So go whistle dixie A and friends…

    your a disgrace to AMERICA!

    not just your STATE…

    hateful people just hate is all you breed…

    and know how to do …

  17. @ Toilet (love being able to make that reference)

    Cruz didn’t say he left for Mexico because there was nothing he could do as a U S Senator about a state problem.

    What he did was try to sneak out wearing a plain facemask.

    Then, when his cover was blown, he hastily returned home, this time wearing his trademark Texas flag mask.

    In the meantime he tried to suggest that the immediate return home was his original plan.

    When that was revealed to be a lie, he finally , kinda sorta, confessed.

    So if he isn’t needed in Texas right now, why the sneaking around and lying?

    Because it doesn’t look good that he is ducking out to $300/night beachfront hotel room while hundreds of thousands of his constituents are freezing their butts off and drinking contaminated water. that’s why.

    Lyin’ Ted Cruz is his new nickname.

  18. Of course, a dumb action by Cruz. But, it pales in comparison to actions by other elected officials who have caused great harm to Americans. Even death. Thousands of deaths and then a massive cover-up. This is Democrat Governor Mario Cuomo who sent thousands of elderly already infected with the Covid19 Chinese Virus to nursing homes where they infected other elderly Americans. All this while President Trump had provided alternatives such as a medical ship and the Javitz center that could have housed the infected elderly.

    It took a whistle blower in the Cuomo Administration to provide the horrible details and to top it off, Cuomo then altered the information to do a cover up. Impeachment on the way for Cuomo.

    This woman AOC is very dangerous in that her stupidity about energy could cause great harm to our nation if buffoons like Biden and other Democrats adopt her crazy Green New Deal.

  19. @ Bred Like maybe that politician who said COVID 19 was a “hoax”.

    That it was only “one guy in Washington”, that the cases would “soon go down to zero”, that it would “go away like magic in April”, etc etc etc.

    I have a new nickname for Ted. “Cancun Cruz”.

  20. May, 2020, Trump said there would be a vaccine for the Chinese virus before year-end. The mostly left wing media, shills and handmaidens for the Democrat Party, laughed at this. But, amazingly, the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna were developed and approved well before year end per Operation Warp Speed announced by Trump.

    “Launched in May, Operation Warp Speed (OWS) is a government initiated private/public $10 billion US program to help provide support to companies in the development, manufacturing and distribution of 300 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine, with the aim of having initial doses ready by January 2021.

    Trump had numerous, numerous accomplishments bennefitting Americans and the US. Contrast this with the buffoon in the white house now who wants to open borders to illegal aliens, has already destroyed thousands of jobs, shut down the pipeline, etc. Our nation will go through hell with this buffoon and his radical left wing sidekick.

  21. Once again, Trump tries to take credit for something, like the economy, that he had virtually nothing to do with.

    The vaccine was being developed by private companies who were highly motivated to get it done. What enabled the quick result was the last 20 years of research on a radically new way to create vaccines which happened to come to fruition just as this pandemic was getting started.

    Meanwhile, we are now behind in distrubution because Trump did not buy enough doses and had no plan from the federal government other than to throw everything to the 50 states and let them figure it out.

    Remember, Trump has the attention span that Dr Fauchi described as “less than zero” and was not able to comprehend his intelligence briefings unless they were reduced to Sesame Street level.

    His “Wall” never really got built other than 47 miles of new wall with the rest being replacement of existing sections and Mexico didn’t pay one centavo.

    He was an abject failure as President and history will so judge him.

  22. Readers should consider the initials of Because Science when reading her or his comments.

  23. Another cogent and thoughtful response from bred.

    BTW: AOC has now raised 3 Million Dollars for Texas relief even though she is just a congresswoman from New York.

    Is there some reason Ted Cruz couldn’t have busied himself doing something like this for his own state?

  24. I had a dream AOC fell from the Empire State Bldg….. 97 floors onto a hug trampoline, and then splat on Fifth Avenue.

    Nobody cried.

  25. One ticket to go to the open air deck near the top of the Empire State Building costs $42.

  26. AOC wants the leadership mantle.

    She has realized what keeps Pelosi on top is she is the top fundraiser for the House Democrats.

    AOC needs national exposure and goodwill to be a top fundraiser politically.

    She’s a smart girl with great ambition.

    She can also create a wedge between Cruz and his voters.

    Whether Cruz loses to a Democrat or a weaker Freshman Republican the Democrat Party wins in Texas.

    She is a dangerously smart girl.

    Cruz failed to step out in front of protesters, who had every reason to listen to him, in theCapitol Building.

    He then sneaks down to Cartel stronghold Cancun, Mexico while fellow Texans suffer.


    Bribes or vacation?

    He needs to be done politically.

    West needs to inform that idiot his career is over.

    This said, whatever the selfish or selfless reason to raise $4mm for those who are suffering, AOC is to be commended.

    When we lead we are our brothers keeper first and all other things second.

    She’s winning that message and the pragmatic action.

    If any Party wants relevance in times to come they’d do well to remember this.

  27. Creosote, I had a dream about Cortez too.

    A dream with a mysterious ending.

    Nobody could figure out where she went.

    Maybe British Intelligence ran another limo ride like Lady Di.

  28. Not to worry about wacko’s, TEXANS are not that easily FOOLED i.e. the voting machines so no whack job is going to get away with getting Any accolades while they SPEND TEXAS TAX DOLLARS … for a clean up ..

  29. BecauseScience… you are so wrong in your purported “facts” about Trump and the vaccines!

    I worked in Pharma for over 30 years!

    Bringing the vaccines to the forefront was nothing short of “brilliant / innovative” in how he was able to Lead, fund, and get other Countries on board to do the same to get the vaccines in to clinical trials in never happened in history lightening speed, as well as manufacturing scale-up in epic proportions to unheard of levels and never accomplished by any pharma company in history!

    Clinical Trials for any drug takes many YEARS and millions upon millions of dollars globally!

    Then if approved by the FDA, years to scale up manufacturing and many more millions of dollars!

    It’s abundantly clear you are a Demonrat and equally incapable of giving significant credit where credit is not only due, any human being with any brain or intelligence knows that they should be overly grateful for his actions!

    But we also know that intelligence in your party is seriously lacking as you spend your time not educating yourselves, because I am not certain you know how to, but fixate on lamestream media and puke it up and out all day long and twice on Sundays!

    Aside from my 30 years career in Big Pharma R&D, I heard senior management on a daily basis scream “we need to innovate” to the point everyone would puke at the word as the real meaning was, yes, Mr./Ms. researcher, you may have a compound that can become a marketable drug, BUT, we won’t fund it in clinical trials because it won’t make us enough money, or is a “me-too” drug.

    Thereby, shelving thousands upon thousands of compounds that get shelfed every year – year over year!

    Much like the compound that created this pandemic has been sitting on a shelf since the 60’s and someone or someone’s walked it out of a lab and set it loose in to the public domain.

    Just because there is a jar of compound sitting in the NIH, abs, CDC, big pharma across this world doesn’t translate that there is any sort of antidote that is known or planned for.

    The entire Country and the most brilliant minds in this area know very well, the entire world was flying by the seats of their pants with everything “unknown”… taking the costs / time / labor out of the picture of private companies for clinical trials allowed them to “innovate” in record speed in the right sense of the word!

    Additionally, Trump didn’t “order enough vaccines” is the the most stupid comment I have seen ever!

    Do you think for a moment that he put his order in on-line and paid with a governmental credit card?

    What a complete idiot you are for stating what you have as it’s abundantly clear you know nothing about manufacturing scale-up and the limitations of “you can only produce so much in a day/week/month”

    It is not like the message is “we are of of stock applies here”…

    Think a bit deeper if you are even able to do so, surely you heard of the AIDS epidemic?

    Do a little research on that topic and you will find how many YEARS it took to discover that compound that actually made it to market as overall 99% of the compounds discovered in research labs in the world never make it to market because of adverse events that are far worse than the disease.

    And, Oh BTW, Abbott discovered Kaletra as an example, and it DOESN’T cure AIDS it elongates life!

    That is the Pharma companies best medicine and fundamentally what their main objective is – that is the medicine that keeps on giving and paying big Pharma over and over again!

    Thus why, there is NO CURE!

    Stop fooling yourselves and attempting to fool others as you are clearly delusional over all of this!

    Getting the vaccines to market and in to humans in less than a year is nothing short of phenomenal and has NEVER happened in history to date!

    Think of that when you get that shot in your arm, or just don’t because of your despicable hate for a President who actually showed up and worked for the good of the people in the entire Country!

    Hope that any stimulus money you did receive you donated to a charity, as if not, you are just as much of a hypocrite as the rest in your party!

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