Eric Dowd Criticizes Shift of Township Road District Tax Money Away from Cities and Villages

This is an issue that is pretty complicated.

Cities and villages receive half of the tax money collected by townships in their Road and Bridge Funds. It’s pretty much the only benefit townships provide those residing inside municipalities.

In a recent mailing, Nunda Township Highway Commissioner challenger Eric Dowd address that issue:


Eric Dowd Criticizes Shift of Township Road District Tax Money Away from Cities and Villages — 9 Comments

  1. Because Science, for the first time in recorded history, I heartily agree with you!

  2. Thanks for the preface statement, Cal.

    Maybe someone can explain how this “fleecing” claim is legit or a result of mandatory distribution of taxes.

    Dowd doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy with his alarmist words and formatting.

    Iron Mike has delayed repaving our neighborhood streets three years in a row now, and still has only the 2019 paving list on the road district’s web site (Mike, are you paying attention?)

    Not sure which of these two knuckleheads is getting my vote.

    In a past election, my wife and I were the last two to vote, and if I recall correctly Mike won by, what, one vote?

    Maybe three?

  3. Really,

    That’s your answer, why not elect people who will do the right thing, how about calling people on their inappropriate behavior, how about getting involved.

    How about taking the information and asking the current road commissioner about his unfair practice.

  4. 150 is a gang of goons.

    Mary McClellan was one of their paid shams.

  5. This is copied from a post that I made on this blog previously:

    I have no intention of unionizing the Township road district.

    I will however open competitive bidding on road projects.

    I believe the most cost-effective, safest and most reliable way to pave roads is to leave it to the professionals.

    The road district employees are great, however they are not a paving crew.

    When Nunda Township paves a road they are not following the IDOT handbook, this means the roads are not as safe as they should be and will deteriorate more rapidly then necessary.

    The in-house paving program also has a higher cost per ton when compared to contracting the work out.

    Furthermore, when paving is performed in-house the Township has no recourse and it also opens the Township up to litigation.

    In the interest of the taxpayer I believe the Nunda paving empire should end. The focus of the road district should be maintaining the roads not constructing them.

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