IL-16 CHANGE OF VENUE FOR 2/20: The Challengers to Adam Kinzinger thus far *UPDATED*

Adam Kinzinger

After impeachment vote in the House a month ago today formally impeached then-President Trump a second time, the challengers began declaring for the 2022 Republican primary

As Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, IL-16) has become the media darling for never Trumpers across the country and stating he’s highly likely not to seek election to statewide office in Illinois next year, challengers lining up to primary him.

As reported on McHenry County Blog Thursday, Kendall County Republican Chairman James Marter has already kicked off his campaign on conservative radio. Link to the announcement plus Kinzinger’s reaction can be found here.

While Marter has yet to file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission (FEC), his 2020 congressional committee is still intact from his unsuccessful 14th Congressional District primary last year.

Filing the day after Kinzinger’s vote for impeachment on January 13 was Gene Koprowski:

Source: California Target Book from FEC filing

Koprowski is a former marketing director for the Heartland Institute, who has issues with allegations of stalking a few years back. A 2018 news story can be seen here.

UPDATE: In letter to U.S. House clerk dated February 14, Koprowski formally withdrew as a candidate for IL-16. The letter was made public this morning through the California Target Book Twitter BOT and can be read at this link.

The next to file was downstate internet entrepreneur Jack Lombardi:

Source: California Target Book from FEC filing

Lombardi, according to his Twitter profile, is a Christian, husband, father, patriot, internet entrepreneur and martial arts enthusiast.

He’s set up a web site and has a brief, amateur introductory video which can be viewed here.

Finally, the most recent FEC filing came from Teresa Marie Pfaff:

Source: California Target Book from FEC filing

Apart from an apartment address in Winnebago County, there is no information about Pfaff.

As it stands on February 13, no real contender has emerged who will give Kinzinger a real challenge next year. Part of the reason, the new district lines have yet to be drawn, and detailed census data needed for the remap will not be available until the end of September.

How the lines will be drawn is up to Illinois Democrats in the General Assembly, knowing one congressional seat is lost, and freshman Republican Congresswoman Mary Miller’s IL-15 district will be on the block for Democrats, one can only conclude Kinzinger’s district will extend south from his Grundy County home to set up a potential Kinzinger-Miller primary next year.

For Saturday’s Scott Presler’s IL-16 volunteer training, sign up here:

UPDATE: Details for Saturday’s training with Scott Presler.

CHANGE OF VENUE (received 12:08AM CST)

When: Sat., February 20th
Time: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
(Doors open at 9)
700 W Jefferson
Shorewood, IL

The afternoon will be spent going door-to-door, utilizing an app that does not rely on Republican Party voter data to take the party out of the loop. As over 478 volunteers have signed up, strongly recommended to sign-up at the link above to insure there is space available for the morning training.


IL-16 CHANGE OF VENUE FOR 2/20: The Challengers to Adam Kinzinger thus far *UPDATED* — 25 Comments

  1. No doubt these are being encouraged by Effeminate Kinzinger type people.

    No better way to survive a primary challenge than to have multiple challengers.

    Even if a serious, credible challenger shows up, these three derelicts dilute the anti Effeminate Kinzinger vote.

    The Evil Swamp is not stupid. It is how the Evil Cheney will survive in Wyoming. Guaranteed.

    At best these three are useful idiots. I’m not sure they are not complicit. I wouldn’t believe a word they say.

  2. Kinzinger was groomed by John McCain, still carries the skid marks, from carrying the Fake Dossier.

    He is not receiving many flattering comments on his posts, so he is talking about starting a New Party . . .

    OK Adam, we should just call it the “Pity Party” !

    Next He will be asking for donations.

  3. Jack Lombardi has over 4 times as many Twitter followers as James Marter.

    Lombardi has over 24 k and Marter has less than 6 k.

    Did you notice that, John?

    I thought that was impressive, but it leaves me with questions.

    Who is this guy?

    How did he get so many followers?

    What kind of political activity has he done in the past?

    I’ve never heard of him.

    Feel free to jump in and answer, Jack, since you’re already here.

    I’m not trying to be hostile — just trying to understand your background a little better.

  4. This is a winner take all primary so the more candidates, the better are Kinzinger’s chances.

  5. Kinsucker has to go

    Skillicorn was right about him all along

    we have to stop all rinos in their tracks

  6. Lombardi, if you are for real….. how many of rivals are being funded by Kinzloon or a Soros front?

  7. Useful idiots or co-conspirators.

    Not a credible person in the whole bunch, all working to get Effeminate Kinzinger re-elected.

  8. This doofus is guilty up to his eyeballs in the same stuff that people are accusing Hitlery of. He’s deep state, cabal controlled. Evil. Pure evil.

  9. Yeah, very much enjoy getting an email less than 5 hours before the event starts about a location change…

  10. Point of clarification: Do Teresa Pfaff (mentioned in this article) and James Marter (mentioned in the link below) still plan on running for congress in the 16th district in addition to Adam Kinzinger(i), Catalina Lauf, and Jack Lombardi?
    “IL-16: Adam Kinzinger to be Challenged Again by James Marter *UPDATED*
    Posted on 02/11/2021 by John Lopez”

  11. Correcting, here are all of the candidates who have declared they are running for the Republican nomination for IL-16, primarying Congressman Adam Kinzinger (Gene Koprowski, as the article said, has said he’s no longer a candidate in spite of submitting FEC paperwork first):

    Jack Lombardi – submitted FEC paperwork in January, and launched his candidacy with amateur/low budget video

    James Marter – launched campaign with SiriusXM radio interview with Andrew Wilkow. Has not yet filed FEC paperwork for 2022, but his 2020 IL-14 FEC committee is still open, and Marter can transfer his existing committee to an IL-16 committee with proper filing with the FEC. Based on social media, he’s still acting like a candidate, in spite of Catalina Lauf’s entry into the race on Tuesday.

    Teresa Marie Pfaff – filed FEC paperwork in early February, and has to date, taken no public action since.

    Catalina Lauf – filed FEC paperwork on February 23, and launched her campaign at 5PM CST on the same day.

    Hopefully, the full context helps.

    First quarter 2022 FEC reports are due by April 15, so that will be the first real test of each candidate’s viability. Expectation Kinzinger, who ended 2020 with over $1.5 million in the bank, will be closer if not surpassing $2 million after March 31.

    Expectation, Lauf will have enough campaign cash to firmly establish herself as the viable alternative to Kinzinger.

    We know Marter’s history of fundraising in his past 3 federal election campaigns, so have no reason to think it’ll be different.

    If Lombardi wants to be seen as viable, he needs to have a significant, say at least $100K to show for his first nearly 3 months of his campaign to show he can be competitive, especially since he’s not, to my knowledge, ran for office before.

    Unless there’s something about Pfaff I don’t know about, based on what’s been seen to date, she will likely be a non-factor, possibly the Anthony Catella of next year’s IL-16 primary.

    Once 1st quarter FEC reports are filed, all candidates who’ve raised or spent (or combination) over $5K will be required to file their annual Financial Disclosure (FD) statements by May 15.

    Lauf will definitely be required to file her FD. As for Lombardi, Marter or Pfaff, depends on what they show on FEC report.

    The FD will answer some of the questions you and others have asked about Lauf, including income sources for all of 2020, and 2021 to-date, and from which employment/investments their income is derived.

  12. Apparently, Lauf, Marter, and Lombardi all live OUTSIDE of Kinzinger’s district (which is constitutional, but I think voters tend to look down on it).

    Granted the districts are going to change but it’s still kind of weird.

    People are launching their campaigns really early.

    I suppose they’re doing that so they have more time to raise money?

  13. Hello McHenry county,

    I am a grassroots candidate who loves our country.

    I live about one and a half miles from the border of 16 in Manhattan, IL. I’m in Bobby Rush’s district which is completely unwinnable for a Patriot Republican like myself.

    23 years of entrepreneur experience – search my name online to see what business owners have said about working with me.

    I’m a life long martial artist, boxer and wrestler; therefore, I strongly support the police and military.

    I went to Northwestern business college in Bridgeview IL.

    My views

    American First!

    Since working with nearly 500 small business owners, I know what it will take to get them back on their feet and out of debt.

    I’m calling for an immigration moratorium, border wall and a recall of Governor Pritzker.

    Pritzker made it criminal for business owners to pay their bills – he has no idea what it’s like to struggle!

    If I may be completely honest, I’m sick and tired of watching politicians run this country into the ground.

    Politicians make poor decisions with our freedoms, our mental and spiritual heath and our tax dollars; I want the chance to do something great for our country.

    Catalina and Marter both live in 14, why not run there?


    James Marter is a super nice guy from what I hear, but is that what we need in Congress – a nice guy?

    Catalina is a GOP installment – DC is telling you who to vote for with the backing she has.

    She is not a real American First candidate, as a self proclaimed “Latina” ask about her student visa policy.

  14. This race looks like Goliath vs Goliath with no David.

    Jack Lombardi, you are supposed to be like David??? Where is your powerful sling???

    Right now, you don’t look like David or Goliath.

    Let me give you advice.

    1. Get a team! I’m sure there are people who would like to help you. These people can be policy advisers, digital editors, video experts, communications/media relations specialists, etc. Paid or unpaid. The point is to get *competent* people who are on your side (not snakes).

    2. Develop policy on key issues. Strike a balance between rushing it which can force mistakes and dragging it out too long (or worse, like what Lauf did last time around: stay vague the whole time). People want the goods.

    3. Focus big time on raising money because Lauf and Kinzinger are going to get a TON of cash. Maybe certain podcasters, video makers, and influencers could help you get the word out.

    4. Defragment the fragmented. You should also expand into traditional radio. A.M. Find some people who will have you on air to talk. Because I think you’ll do pretty good with the online support, but that leaves a lot of older people in the dark. You want to reach them. At this point, there’s a pretty big chunk of people who reject Lauf and Kinzinger but are supporting Marter. They are familiar with him and they trust him. These people tend to be older and not the most hip about what goes on online. You want to convert the people who dislike Lauf and Kinzinger to be YOUR supporter. (I’ll give you a tip within a tip: the way to criticize Marter is not to attack him as not right wing enough, and probably even attacking him as a “nice guy” won’t work because I think most who support Marter believe he would fight for them. You’re better off to bring up his win loss record, his inability to raise money, and an overall feeling of him being unelectable. Overall, you probably shouldn’t focus on Marter most of the time you’re campaigning, but it would be appropriate to bring him up on the radio with an older audience. For the most part throughout the campaign you’ll want to focus on Lauf, but learn how to communicate with a Marter supporter effectively.)

    5. Check through this blog’s articles over the past few years for criticisms of Lauf, Kinzinger, and Marter. You might run into comments that teach you something. There is a search bar on the side.

    6. Don’t make vague or unsubstantiated claims on Twitter. If you say something like “she works for the same social media company as…” people are going to rightfully wonder what the heck you’re talking about. Don’t lie. Don’t even bend the truth. Be honest with people. And if your comment is vague or cryptic, clarify it. Voters are sick of BSers.

    7. Don’t tweet too much. Put a limit on how many total tweets you make per day or per hour. Along with this, limit certain types of content. I’d say your tweets are focused a little too much on Catalina Lauf. Go through your tweets and see what percentage of your tweets are negative vs positive, are about one candidate vs about anything else. Look at those numbers and see if you can spot any imbalances. People don’t want too see to much Lauf bashing or too much Trump butt kissing. You don’t want to seem obsessed, and you want to show that you are a credible alternative.

    8. I think you should be more open about the work you have done as opposed to telling people to look you up.
    Here’s how I see it: Good resume (the golden boy) > no resume (but honest about it) > fluffed resume (Lauf) > vague resume/justtrustmebro (Lombardi right now). My ranking system might be distorted compared to other people, but I CAN safely say people want to know more about your background.

    9. If you’re going to be live or on camera, be sure to look good. Kinzinger and Lauf are both photogenic. You don’t want to look like a slob. I have met decent candidates who I supported but when I talked to other people they said they refused to vote for so-and-so solely on how the person looked. Have well groomed facial hair or no facial hair, wear a suit or at least something nice. The last thing you want is to go casual. People won’t take you seriously.

    10. You need to start seriously thinking about a boots on the ground effort and mailings. How are you going to GOTV? How can you translate some online support to meaningful help? Not JUST money. You need money, but what are you going to do with that money?

    That is my advice. I didn’t know if I should put this into point 1 or 10 but: plan on networking with traditional Republican organizations. Go to a dinner party or monthly meeting, introduce yourself. Are there any other social groups you could network with? Many things to think about!

  15. People should support Lombardi and not Lauf, why well because for

    1. Lauf is a grifter who was convinced by her Rino friend to run for congress
    2. Lombardi is a solid candidate on all the issues, on immigration, trade, and all the important ones
    3. Lauf is not, she is a shill for mass immigration, and is basically an establishment republican rebranding typical Rino Republican talking points as “America First” when in actuality they are not
    4. Lauf and her ads are funded by neocon organizations like the Heritage Foundation

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