IL-16 UPDATED: Scott Presler Confirms for Saturday

Scott Presler

From Scott Presler Press Release:

Conservative Activist Heads to Illinois to Primary Disgraced Representative

Minooka, Illinois – Soctt Presler is travelling to Illinois’ 16th District to teach volunteers how to organize at the local level, with the goal of replacing Representative Adam Kinzinger.

“Representative Kinzinger betrayed his constituents when he voted to impeach President Trump.

“I’m coming to empower the voters in his district and help them hold their elected officials accountable.

“This is what democracy looks like.”

Scott Presler statement, 2/18/21


On Saturday, February 20, Presler will hold a training and then join volunteers to knock on doors within the 16th District. He has already recruited over 450 volunteers and will be using a door knocking application when speaking with voters.

“All of the work we’re doing is independent of the GOP.

“We have our own data, volunteers, and are running our own operations. Most importantly, we’re bringing power back to the people.”

This is one of several events Presler plans on hosting to replace Adam Kinzinger with a congressman who will represent the will of the voters within the district.

Scott Presler, 2/18/21


As previously reported on McHenry County Blog, Saturday’s training (location changed due to COVID):

When: Sat., February 20th
Time: 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
(Doors open at 9)
700 W Jefferson
Shorewood, IL

The afternoon will be spent going door-to-door, utilizing an app that does not rely on Republican Party voter data to take the party out of the loop, as stated in Presler’s Thursday statement.

As over 475 volunteers have signed up, strongly recommended to sign-up at the link below to insure there is space available for the morning training:


IL-16 UPDATED: Scott Presler Confirms for Saturday — 11 Comments

  1. “Disgraced?”


    Some may not like his vote, but that doesn’t make him a disgrace by any stretch.

  2. John, I told you I would try to get an associate there.

    Back here to let you know that the ticket/RSVP process went through with no problems.

    It is a go.

  3. Thank you Correcting!

    Please let your associate know if they take pics of event, they can email them to us here on the blog and we’ll post them.

    Thank you again.

  4. Looks like women’s hair in the photo. Is the photo correct?

  5. Pletz, why do you say that?

    I was able to see his about info page and watch a video.

    It’s fine.


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