State Senator Craig Wilcox Weighs In on Nunda Township Road Commissioner Race

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Craig Wilcox

To Nunda Township residents (and specifically to those within municipality boundaries), I have been working on legislation to address the unchecked levels of power of Township Road Commissioners, and a few bills have passed the General Assembly and been signed into law. 

One bill that has not moved addresses the concern of tax dollars being siphoned from road and bridge funds (shared with municipalities) to hard road funds by various road commissioners. 

This accounting move does not require public input, no referendum for voters to voice their opinion, and does not require concurrence from the affected municipalities. 

The only option for voters is to elect a road commissioner and trustees who have promised to roll back this taxpayer avoidance accounting maneuver. 

For this reason I recommend supporting Eric Dowd for Nunda Road Commissioner, and trustees Parrish, Parrish, and Donahue for the Feb 23rd primary.

Craig Colonel Craig Wilcox, USAF (Retired)
Illinois State Senate, District 32


State Senator Craig Wilcox Weighs In on Nunda Township Road Commissioner Race — 15 Comments

  1. Bring on the reformers, Eric Dowd for Nunda Road Commissioner, and trustees Tim Parrish, Rob Parrish, and Donahue for the Feb 23rd primary.

    Time for the people to take back Nunda Township through the power of the vote!

    See you at the Polls Tuesday February 23, 2021

  2. Saw a sign in Huntley that said “Dump the idiocy, vote out Zielinski” or something like that.

  3. As a Nunda tax victim, I’ll comply with Wilcox’s recommendations.

    But I will be quite upset if Dowd wins, and during his roadship reign or, on his way out of office like Crook Bob Miller, he unionizes the township with Local 150 rats.

    Can’t Dowd promise, in writing, that he won’t do that?

  4. THe question would be if Dowd wins, will Lesperance do that?

  5. How about getting rid of this township!

    That would be a nice tax payers reprieve

  6. Nunda township is a fetid cesspool of corruption since the days of Lil Nicky Provenzano.

  7. Republicans at there best.

    Wilcox should have kept his nose out of this race.

    Once again republicans eat there own.

  8. The comment fetid cesspool applys more so to the election funds that back these candidates !

    Local 150 lunch pail monies are only provided with the backing of there agenda .

    They got into the county monies and have sights set on all the low hanging fruit smaller townships provide elimanate the township it all goes to the county and your tax bill will skyrocket !

  9. County money, township money, isn’t it all taxpayer money?

    Taxpayers have a right to expect to get the best return for their dollar?

    Eric will not unionize the road district, however he will be sure taxpayers get the best return for their dollar by having work competitively bid as well as following the “duties and responsibilities ” of the road commissioners office.

  10. This is copied from a post that I made on this blog previously:

    I have no intention of unionizing the Township road district.

    I will however open competitive bidding on road projects.

    I believe the most cost-effective, safest and most reliable way to pave roads is to leave it to the professionals.

    The road district employees are great, however they are not a paving crew.

    When Nunda Township paves a road they are not following the IDOT handbook, this means the roads are not as safe as they should be and will deteriorate more rapidly then necessary.

    The in-house paving program also has a higher cost per ton when compared to contracting the work out.

    Furthermore, when paving is performed in-house the Township has no recourse and it also opens the Township up to litigation.

    In the interest of the taxpayer I believe the Nunda paving empire should end. The focus of the road district should be maintaining the roads not constructing them.

  11. I don’t care about Dowd saying he has no intention now to unionize.

    His intentions can change in a hurry.

    Why won’t he sign a promise he’ll never unionize?

    Why can’t he do that?

  12. Dobie

    I said that I have no intention of unionizing the road district.

    The employees vote on unionizing not me.

    Most of the guys there are vested in IMRF, I don’t see them wanting to start over on a union retirement.

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