Grafton Township Primary Signage Not All Positive

Just happened on this sign at the McHenry-Kane County line in Huntley showing not all signs for Tuesday’s Republican primary in Grafton Township positive.

The snow was starting to fall, so I could not take a closer look at the sign apart from my safe, drive-by pic to determine who paid for this sign.

Buried in the accumulated plowed snow was “ON FEB. 23”

I did not see any pro-Zielinski signs in Huntley and the Grafton Township portion of Lake in the Hills.

I did see quite a few Terra de Baltz signs.

The rematch between challenger Terra de Baltz and incumbent Assessor Al Zielinski in the Republican primary to be decided Tuesday.


Grafton Township Primary Signage Not All Positive — 6 Comments

  1. Dump the Chump.

    He must be pretty bad to rate negative campaign signs.

    The whole assessment system is broken and all his side gigs should be against the law or at least discouraged by ethical standards.

    If he says it is a full time job, he should have to punch the clock like his 2 loyal employees are doing, that is until they leave in less than a year because he testified that they both are leaving as they are running unopposed as Assessors in their respective Townships so they are pretty much guaranteed a win, absent a successful write-in.

    This is a great time to start over, VOTE FOR TERRA, she will have a clean slate with none of his hires, just his mess.

  2. Al is a big fat grifter, like the Governor.

    They think they entitled to taxing us to death while they luxuriate in splendor.

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