Eric Dowd States He does Not Favor Unionizing Nunda Township Road District

From a comment left multiple times by Eric Dowd, who is running against incumbent Nunda Township Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance:

I have no intention of unionizing the Township road district.

I will however open competitive bidding on road projects.

I believe the most cost-effective, safest and most reliable way to pave roads is to leave it to the professionals.

The road district employees are great, however they are not a paving crew.

When Nunda Township paves a road they are not following the IDOT handbook, this means the roads are not as safe as they should be and will deteriorate more rapidly then necessary.

The in-house paving program also has a higher cost per ton when compared to contracting the work out.

Furthermore, when paving is performed in-house the Township has no recourse and it also opens the Township up to litigation.

In the interest of the taxpayer I believe the Nunda paving empire should end.

The focus of the road district should be maintaining the roads not constructing them.


Eric Dowd States He does Not Favor Unionizing Nunda Township Road District — 10 Comments

  1. Eric,

    Great news on the competitive bidding.

    Will you also be looking at the $3,165,000 Levy load being carried by Nunda Taxpayers?

    I have found it odd, that since the levy request in 2012 thru 2019 Algonquin reduced their levy by 9.85% and Mchenry reduced their levy by 11.94% and Nunda reduced by 5%.

    In addition funds returned to villages and municipalities has increased by an average of over 7% for Algonquin and Mchenry while the current road commissioner for Nunda reduced funds by almost 50% to villages and municipalities.

    Does that seem odd to you?

  2. Cool.

    But it’s not up to the boss if the workers unionize.

    The boss doesn’t unionize the workers.

    The workers form a union to collectively bargain against the boss.

  3. Well that a +1 but really the entire township needs to be dis-solved period.

    Its a joke nothing but a tax $ suck

  4. Time to get rid of Mike Lesperance.

    Financially, things appear to be very questionable.

    Lesperance has a lot of explaining to do.

  5. So true Alabamashake !

    So Dud can spew he will not but after elected he can Gasser all the present workforce and replace with 150 hall bums !

  6. Riiiiiiight Blewbyu by you, just keeping changing the narrative, New road commissioner, and replace the two trustees that were hand picked by the former supervisor and the township will be back on track.


    Cal, are there any earlier instances of Dowd’s copypasta or was this article (in the link above) the first time he posted it?

    I had copy and pasted multiple comments from other commenters about Dowd and the union question and he responded.

    Since then, I’ve noticed he has posted the same response in several articles just like you noticed.

    I’ll note that

    1. I am glad that a politician responded

    2. But many people on this blog, despite what Dowd said, do not believe him. They think he is lying through his teeth.

    3. Why does he have a trust deficit with so many people on this blog?

  8. Correcting, I have tried to identify all posts that address my stand on unionizing the road district and pasted that message, I may have missed one.

    I believe all of the negative comments are those of my opponent’s supporters.

    I understand taking someone at their word is uncommon these days, but, that is what I have to offer.

    The employees vote to unionize the road district, I don’t have a vote.

    Most of the employees of the road district are vested with IMRF and would need to start over with the union and I don’t believe they would do that.

    I will however improve employee morale and reduce turnover.

    I will remove the requirement that Iron Mike put in place that everyone is off between Christmas and new years.

    This sounds great, however it is either unpaid or they must take vacation to recieve payment.

    The obvious problem with this is that everyone is on call to snow plow, he does this so they have one less week of vacation in the summer during paving season.

    This isn’t a boss or leader this is bordering in tyrant.

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