Candidate Reminds People to Vote

Haven’t seen a video like this before.

It’s Algonquin Township Road Commissioner candidate Danijela Sandberg urging people to vote tomorrow.


Candidate Reminds People to Vote — 11 Comments

  1. She’s getting nervous because the Bob Bragg Brigade is growing stronger!

    Anybody who signed the petition or circulated the petition to abolish Algonquin Township should remember that Daniejla Sandberg endorsed Randy Funk who is responsible for getting that referendum thrown off the ballot.

    Plus Bragg is more experienced.

  2. As “the Nob” is Bob Miller’s strange wife, my kin will vote the opposite of her recommendation.

  3. It was thrown off the ballot because the geniuses circulating the petition collected signatures of people that do NOT live in Algonquin Township.

    If this is what nervous looks like the rest of us are in trouble.

  4. Nob’s endorsement almost never helps a candidate.

    Nob IS a township stooge — that is correct.

    But so is Funk who got the referendum to abolish Algonquin township thrown off the ballot, and Sandberg endorsed Funk with no explanation why.

    Nor has any other person attempted to explain it.

    Randy Funk is being supported by a bunch of Democrats.

    Randy Funk is this election cycle’s Carolyn Schofield or Melissa Victor: A Republican whose support comes mostly from Democrats.

    Speaking of Bob Miller, Randy Funk gave Miller a total pass and blamed Gasser for the township’s problems.

    Why did Sandberg endorse him?

  5. Yep, “Smarter than most of you” who is duller than all of us, I already pointed out in another post how the anti-township people did a “piss poor” job of collecting signatures.

    That doesn’t excuse WHY Funk chose to challenge it.

    Anybody could have challenged it and yet ONLY Randy Funk who is running for township office chose to challenge it.

    Why was he the only person to challenge it in a township of about 90,000 people?

    Your explanation also doesn’t excuse Sandberg for endorsing Funk.

    How come you people refuse to answer basic questions?

    I hope you treat your constituents with more respect…

  6. JamesK, thank you for providing an explanation for why you think people should support Funk, and I respect that answer.

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