Letter from Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Challenger Eric Dowd Sent to Residents on Non-Dedicated Roads

From Eric Dowd;

February 11, 2021

Re: Non Dedicated Road Concern

Dear Nunda Resident,

I am writing to you to inform you of my candidacy in the Republican Primary for Nunda Township Highway Commissioner.

When elected, I WILL:

● Remove all forms of nepotism that exist
● Restore competitive bidding
● Establish transparency
● Build needs based budgets
● Implement maintenance standards that follow all IDOT specifications
● Increase safety awareness in all projects
● Work collaboratively to find the solutions to achieve compliance with the State, County, and Homeowners that live on the Nunda Non Dedicated Roads(NDR).

For too long your needs have been neglected.

You must pay the required tax levies to the State, County, and Township.

In return you are being shunned by the current road commissioner “Iron Mike” Lessperance.

The State mandated that our County get all NDR into compliance and be absorbed by the road district, bringing an end to your issues and over payments.

The State and County have set aside numerous funds and grants to facilitate this program for the past few years.

Nunda also budgets funds to assist with the associated costs required.

I think you have been done a disservice by your Road Commissioner. As a resident on a NDR you carry an unnecessary burden.

Not only do you still need to fund your own road maintenance, you must also pay all required taxes to the State, County, and Township.

You are also responsible to help pay both sides of the legal debts accrued from the lawsuits the County must file in an effort to force Nunda comply with the State mandate.

There are only a mere 3 miles of left from this County-wide NDR Program in which all of the miles left are under the direct control or supervision of Iron Mike. Every other township within the county has worked with State, County, local officials, and neighbors to get this done, EXCEPT Nunda.

If elected, I will work collaboratively with all parties involved to find cost effective solutions that will work for all residents and close this decades long issue forever.

Please vote for me, Eric Dowd, for Nunda Township Road Commissioner on Feb 23rd.

I will not ignore or neglect your needs.

Early voting is currently available at the Nunda Township Hall daily thru Feb 23rd.

If you have questions about my campaign or want to speak directly on any concerns you have, please feel free to contact me at (815)790-1340 or edowd424@gmail.com.


Eric Dowd, Candidate for Nunda Township Road Commissioner


Letter from Nunda Township Highway Commissioner Challenger Eric Dowd Sent to Residents on Non-Dedicated Roads — 9 Comments

  1. Anyone seen my chest waders its really getting deep out here !

    Every point brought forward has a cost and where is this money going to come from !

    the other townships are bidding out this work for higher amounts than necessary and most are using the local 150 cronies to do the work !

    Mike gave the county a price and they did not go for it and it would have been more in line with proper pricing not inflated by 150 hall bums!

    These are the most challenging roads that are left and have been left that way because no one in the past had the cajones to step up till Mike showed the county how it could be achieved !

  2. Mike showed the county how what could be achieved?

    Theres a lot to suggest that there is a financial wreck in Nunda Township.

    So if your’e wearing waders Blewbyu, it’s because of Mike Lesperance.



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