Madigan: “Nobody Loves Me. Everybody Hates Me. I’m Going Out in the Garden and Eat Worms.”

Having been forced out of the Illinois House Speakership, resigned his House seat, picked a staffer to succeed himself and pretty much ruined the State, Mike Madigan announced today that he is resigning as Democratic Party Chairman.

Instead of going outside, digging through the snow and earth deep enough to eat worms, Madigan might drive through Marengo and visit his Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, estate.


Madigan: “Nobody Loves Me. Everybody Hates Me. I’m Going Out in the Garden and Eat Worms.” — 12 Comments

  1. Madigan leaves a legacy of hopelessness and despair for many.

    In my opinion, he will go down as the most corruptand most powerful politician in Illinois history.

  2. Weird. Y’all told me that MJM had a ton of power still as Chair of DPI, and that he would stick around and run the redistricting process behind the scenes with all of his power and leverage and money.


  3. This post reminded me of that awful and cringe take by Miller about Mike Madigan and his “garden” in the capitol and “garden” in his district, and how Madigan is just like a gardener. BARF!

    If you have not read it yet, I highly recommend that you do not read it.

    Skinner is talking about a children’s song about gardens and worms, and Miller was talking about Madigan being a gardener.

    So I’m not sure if Skinner had read Miller’s piece and was mocking him or if Skinner was just thinking about the song.

    If the latter, that would be a real synchronicity, yeah?

    …Because when people think of Madigan, worms and dirt come to mind.

  4. “Nobody loves me” “Everybody hates me”

    I thought it was going to be another article about the current Grafton Township Assessor.

    At least Madigan knew it was time to leave.

  5. The laugh is Illinoisans will pine for Madigan to return now that the outright communists and cultural Marxists, BLM thugs etc rule the state.

  6. As the War On Whitey rolls on, aided by an obese corrupt _______ (fill in the blank).

  7. Wouldn’t eating worms be cannibalism for Madigan?

  8. Thanks for my first good laugh of the day.

    Four to go to maintain good mental health.

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