Ugaste, McLaughlin, Weber Criticize Pritzker Signing of Criminal Statute Revision

From State Rep. Dan Ugaste:

Ugaste Responds: Criminal Justice Reform Bill Signed into Law

GENEVA—Governor Pritzker signed the controversial criminal justice reform legislation into law today, which had passed during the final hours of lame duck session in the Illinois House earlier this year.

State Representative Dan Ugaste (R-Geneva) who was opposed to House Bill 3653 released the following statement in response:

“I stand opposed to this legislation and in doing so, I stand with law enforcement and the hundreds of constituents here in the 65th District who urged me to vote against this bill. Their concerns weren’t allowed to be heard during this bill’s debate, and as signed today, those concerns still loom large.

Over 700-page bill signed.

“With growing fear for public safety and questions on implementation of the bill, I urged the Governor to veto this measure last month. While that isn’t our reality today, the same sentiment still rings true; ensuring greater public safety in Illinois will remain an essential responsibility for lawmakers to continue to work on, but this time in a collaborative manner. When doing so, we must include all Illinoisans in the legislative process.”

Rep. McLaughlin Responds to Governor Signing HB 3653

BARRINGTON HILLS… In response to Governor Pritzker signing House Bill 3653 into law today, State Representative Martin McLaughlin (R-Barrington Hills) said, “Today, the Governor supported a bill voted on in the dead of night with no support from any law enforcement group, republican legislator, or any public input.

After serving eight years as Village President and the head of the village police department, I have had an inside look at what law enforcement officers go through on a daily basis to perform their difficult jobs effectively, and House Bill 3653 does not increase public safety whatsoever.

Illinois has high requirements for training and certification of our officers. This legislation is pure politics over public safety, and the Governor should not have signed such sweeping legislation without working with the groups that will have to implement the expensive regulations.

There will be negative outcomes from this bill, and I hope those legislators who constructed and passed these sweeping changes in a marathon overnight session will hold themselves accountable.”

Statement from Rep. Weber on HB3653

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Tom Weber (R-Lake Villa) issued the following statement in response to the signing of House Bill 3653:
“I’m disappointed that the Governor chose to sign this bill as is and not step up to lead and guide a rejuvenated conversation on this important issue. We can and absolutely should work to reform the state’s policing and criminal justice system, but this was absolutely not the way to do it. Vital stakeholders and the public were not given the time nor the consideration of their input. Again, I don’t oppose reform, I oppose this specific legislation and the process that produced it. As a result, Illinois residents are less safe today- meaning we as a government have failed in our most important task.”


Ugaste, McLaughlin, Weber Criticize Pritzker Signing of Criminal Statute Revision — 9 Comments

  1. Who will protect working & tax paying people from this BLM/Illegal alien vomit?

  2. The most corrupt government in the US voted to make law enforcement toothless.

    Who could have foreseen this eventuality?

    Literally every single philosopher who ever thought about what can happen in a Representative Democracy.

    Our Constitution and Tradition provides for relief in this instance.

    Since Law Enforcement is now done with enforcing law in Illinois just don’t call them.

    Deal with your own problems as directly and quickly as you deem necessary.

    Get together in your neighborhoods and communities and protect each other or become the victim sheep Illinois politicians need you to be.

    Next step in the destruction of the United States…


  3. On Chicago’s Very Own TV tonight, a video showed a very huge fat guy with puffy cheeks signing the Bill and smirking. He said with this Bill, Illinoiz leads the country in dismantling systemic racism.

    Republican House Minority Leader Jim Durkin said:

    “Governor’s support of House Bill 3653 is an insult to our first responders, law enforcement and the law abiding citizens of Illinois who want to live free of violence and destruction from the criminal element.
    It’s clear that Governor Pritzker does not understand this bill and what it means to our criminal justice system. Illinois and its citizens will not be safer because of this bill.”

  4. More white victims coming.

    Watch the rapes and car jacking snow skyrocket.

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