State Senator Darren Bailey Seeking GOP Nomination for Governor

Have to tell you I am frustrated at the Darren Bailey for Governor website.

It is not that it is not comprehensive.

It’s that I could not find an email address or a phone number.

As regular readers know, McHenry County Blog is an attempt to recreate the communication platform that weekly and the one daily (the Woodstock Sentinel) newspaper performed when I first ran for the office of McHenry County Treasurer in 1966.

At that time, newspapers were the only advertising game in town.

So, if a politician or public official sent a press release, odds were good it would be printed.

The papers needed stories around which to wrap their ads.

So, those sending press releases had a pretty direct pipeline to citizen/voters.

Not so much now.

The role I want McHenry County Blog to play is to allow candidates and public officials to communicate directly with readers.

That’s why I print press releases.

The politicians take their best shots and you get to take away from them what you wish.

Darren Bailey

And, unlike newspapers, which still accept some letters to the editor and internet comments, readers here can post their reactions in pretty much real time.

(My program forces me to approve the first commenter comment someone makes, but thereafter, they go up automatically.)

I searched Bailey’s web site, but could not find a press release to share.

Bailey did speak at the One Nation Under God fundraiser in Lake Geneva this past summer, so you can get an idea what he is all about by reading that article.

You can view his announcement speech here.

It was pretty obvious that a State Representative does not drive five hours (over 300 miles) from Lewisville to Lake Geneva to promote a State Senate campaign.

If I receive his press release, I’ll post it.


State Senator Darren Bailey Seeking GOP Nomination for Governor — 4 Comments

  1. If my vote counted, if we had free and fair elections I’d be so excited about this.

  2. They have a “Volunteer” page which you might be able to use to contact.

    I don’t have social media accounts (waste of time), but most people would also just reach out with the social media contacts at the bottom of the page. You could probably just DM him on Twatter or Faceberg.

    Among other things, he does list a phone number on Faceberg: (618) 919-1617.

    They used to list that number on the main web site, according to the search engine results.

  3. McHenry County Blog’s authors and commenters predicted that Bailey would run for governor long ago.

    Bill Matteson on 04/28/2020 at 11:11 am said:
    Bailey for Governor ….

    Rauner (ruinier) killed the Republican Party..

    we need good aggressive people to run…

    Ives should have been the contender but we let her down….

    we can not allow any more Democrats in office


    Part of a comment from me from last year:
    “McSweeney did not mention in his letter that Bailey had sued Pritzker and won, or mention Brettman, or anybody who had some success fighting the lockdown, or provide anything helpful.

    McSweeney is all about look at me.

    He is not a man of substance.

    He must be absolutely SEETHING that his financial expert & long-time politician big brain got outworked by a farmer boy freshman rep from southern IL.


    Bailey leapfrogged McSweeney to any high office overnight even though McSweeney had been rubbing elbows and kissing babies for a decade thinking he would be something big.

    And Bailey leapfrogged McSweeney by lightyears!”


    “Putting his career into a religious context, Bailey told of not knowing what God had in mind for him when he announced for State Representative in Lewisville, but he was ready to go wherever that led.”


    “There will be another event at Scooter’s Roadhouse on February 24th.

    Darren Bailey is supposed to make some kind of announcement at 7 p.m

    I imagine it will be that he is going to run for governor.

    Bailey achieved some fame last year when he sued JB Pritzker over COVID restrictions.

    There has been speculation he might run for governor in 2022.”

  4. Darren Bailey has three events planned for February 24th (which is today).

    The first will be at Jamie’s Outpost in North Utica (LaSalle County) from 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.

    The second will be at Fozzy’s Bar and Grill in Loves Park (Winnebago County) from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

    Finally, Bailey will make an appearance at Skooter’s Roadhouse in Shorewood (Will County) from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

    Tickets are free on Eventbrite.

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