Lakewood Planning on Creating More Speed Traps by Lowering Limits Throughout Village

Below are the proposed speed limit reductions on the Lakewood Village Board’s agenda Tuesday night:

In times past a traffic study has been required before a local speed limit can be lowered.

In last month’s Lakewood agenda package, there is such a study for Woodland Hills.

I have requested similar studies for the other streets, but they have not been supplied.

Out driveway at Gate 11 on Lake Avenue is a perfect place for a police officer to run radar. We have given permission numerous times.


Lakewood Planning on Creating More Speed Traps by Lowering Limits Throughout Village — 11 Comments

  1. When Paul Serwatka ran things Lakewood was run responsibly and well.

    Now it’s a crooked zoo all over again like it was before Paul!

  2. Besides Lou Malnati, what is good about Lakewood?

    Lots of articles about Lakewood problems over the years.

    Maybe it’s residents should ask adjacent cities/towns such as Crystal Lake, Lake in the Hill and Huntley to absorb them.

    Divvy it up.

  3. Living in Country Club Additions between Crystal Lake and the Crystal Lake Country Club is llike living in a park. It originally was an oak-hickory forest.

  4. There is very little revenue a village gets in citations.

    After county fees, attorney fees, and paying an officer overtime for court.

    Its probably a loss.

    This is purely board motivated.

    Since two trustees live in that small subdivision.

    They want children to be able to play in the streets.

    Their concerns always come before village concerns.

    April cant come soon enough.

  5. @duncan hines, this mess is pauls fault.

    He hired the CAO and got his buddy phil onto the board and then packed up and moved to another state.

    But still trolls blogs and the nwherald like he is somebody.


  6. Well, maybe they could use some of the new revenue to figure out how to do professional snow removal in Lakewood.

    It is incredible how – every single snow – when I transfer from Crystal Lake and/or McHenry County maintained roads onto Lakewood roads, the roads all of a sudden become a hot (cold?) mess.

  7. @joseph – can’t hold Serwatka to blame for the misdoings of the little tyrant and his CAO sidekick.

    They followed the program when he was leading them.

    What they do in his absence is on them not him.

    Phil Stephan was a good soldier but has proven himself unworthy to wield the power and position of General.

    As for CAO Smith she serves at the will of the president.

    A person in her position shows their true character when tyrants such as Stephan order them to do wrong.

    she seems to have served well under Serwatka’s leadership but she now shows her true lack of character.

    No doubt both need to go.

    But blaming Serwatka and others for their lack of character is misguided.

  8. So Lakewood wants to become the new Bull Valley heh?

    That’s all BV is noted for is being a speed trap.

  9. Maybe Serwatka should be blamed for the Garfield assassination and the Korean War, too.

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