Message of the Day – Bizarre

So, Mike Madigan appoints a replacement and less than two days later asks for the 26-year old Ed Kodatt’s resignation:

Ed Kodatt

What’s up?

Madigan and his puppet Alderman Marty Quinn released the following statement:

“After learning of alleged questionable conduct by Mr. Kodatt, it was suggested that he resign as state representative for the 22nd District.

“We are committed to a zero tolerance policy in the workplace,”

“Zero tolerance” about what?

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Message of the Day – Bizarre — 12 Comments

  1. They have zero tolerance for honesty.

    Besides, they don’t have time to teach a greenhorn like Ed Kodatt, how to successfully accept kickbacks and bribes.

  2. Is it true he called America a ‘Jewish Dictatorship’ at a a bar in Mt. Greenwood?

    Ohhh boy!

  3. Why aren’t they giving the reason publicly?



    But we live in a Land of Lies, and truth tellers, even inadvertent ones, aren’t well received.

    Ask Sam Keniston.

  4. HonestAbe1, Same shit different day………..

    Some things never change.

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