Catalina Lauf Promoted by Prominent Conservative Web Site Gateway Pundit

From Gateway Pundit comes this pitch for Catalina Lauf’s candidacy against Adam Kinzinger:

Jim Hoft then reminds people that Lauf and her sister were featured in a video from the 2020 Republican National Convention, which you can see below:


Catalina Lauf Promoted by Prominent Conservative Web Site Gateway Pundit — 16 Comments

  1. Good God, can’t we ever get good candidates instead of the candy-dates?

  2. Just like last time, the BeltwayBoys from the dopey GOPe are trying to ram Lauf down our throats like bad medicine, but I question whether she is the cure for anything.

    At least we can put to rest the rumor that she will run against Steve Reick for state rep in 2022.

    That is what she should have ran for in 2020, if she wanted to do politics, but Lauf has delusions of grandeur.

    Lauf does not and did not humble herself by building herself up from the local level, and she even snubbed local people and organizations.

    Rather, Lauf leverages her power through her national connections at the dopey GOPe; she uses a top-down approach as opposed to a true grassroots bottom-up movement; and the mass media manipulators’ job is to create a simulacrum of a grassroots candidate and a “new” type of Republican.

    But the Image of Lauf, the one that has been manufactured by People in High Places, is far superior to the Real Lauf, which is almost always tightly shielded from view and thus more scrutiny.

  3. Correcting is a perspicacious fellow.

    Hawk is a pernicious fellow.

    Lauf is perfidious person.

  4. She needs to get a record in the “community”. Doing things. Perhaps be a community organizer. Then, she can go far with that. Even be a president some day.

  5. Catalina is not for real.

    She’s a fishy mollusk who washed ashore in a storm.

    Let the tide take her elsewhere.

  6. Everyone laughs at the basement dwelling nerds of Antifa threatening violence, since most probably couldn’t do a pullup or punch their way out of a wet paper bag without crying, but here’s the thing – they don’t have to be tough if they are protected from on high.

    The police will not arrest them (or protect you).

    The State’s Atty will not charge them.

    The judge will not sentence them.

    And if you so much as raise a finger in self defense, well guess what? The weight of the state will come down on you, a la Kyle Rittenhouse.

    Facts and law be damned.

    That’s how the communists win.

    Eventually, strong conservative men will have to realize that the police and courts are not on their side and that justice must be sought on a much more personal level.

    Sad but true.

    Either accept the situation and adapt or be subjugated, that’s your only choice now.

    If enough Antifa find out that, for whatever reason, they can’t just waltz home to Mom’s basement and a nice cup of soup after a night of bashin’ the fash’ well then somebody might lose their useful idiot foot soldiers . . .

  7. Catalina Lauf is bright, energetic, and a great campaigner.

    Those who criticize her here are just grumpy old men.

    The Republican party needs candidates like Lauf.

  8. She might have a chance now that the Kahn and one of his puppets are out!

  9. Of course she could run for speaker and work one day and get paid a full months salary cause that is how they do things here in the chithole State.

    Rape, pileage and plunder the tax payers..

  10. No, the woman in the yellow shirt is Madeline Lauf who is Catalina’s older sister.

  11. Gateway Pundit is hardly much of a conservative site.

    They trashed Trump like crazy and lionized cuckservatives like Romney and Flake.

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