Tribune Gives Catalina Lauf Congressional Bid Page 4

Not much new in the Chicago Tribune article about Catalina Lauf’s challenging Adam Kinzinger for Congress.

All I saw was the Twitter support of her candidacy by former Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

Big Tribune article on Catalina Lauf’s congressional bid.

But it’s a big article premised on the two candidates representing the two sides of the Republican Party.


Tribune Gives Catalina Lauf Congressional Bid Page 4 — 12 Comments

  1. She made the front page of Yahoo News today—one of the largest viewed media sites in the world.

  2. Love how she refers to the IL 16th as “our” district, when she doesn’t even live there.

    Could she find it on a map (before they’re re-drawn) at least?

  3. I remember when you all hateful people said “dark money” was propping her up and spread lies

    She’s earned a lot of respect from people from her last race and I’m glad people can see how entrepreneurial she is and how great of a heart she has.

    She is the future of the Party and the media and politicos see that.

    Bravo, Catalina!

    We were with you from the beginning and are with you now.!!

  4. She’s very smart. Those of you who call Lauf “dumb” don’t know her.

    She’s exceptionally smart.

    I am extremely impressed with her intellect, wit, and quick thinking.

    She also has good political instincts.

    Please – don’t have old dinosaur, feckless, basement dwelling Rino’s ruin her run.

    Had she been the nominee to run against the fake nurse, we’d have a Republican representing 14.

  5. CLM’s comment is sad. Why are Catalina Lauf’s surrogates and Catalina Lauf herself still taking these cheap passive aggressive shots at Jim Oberweis? Grow up.

    I hope Oberweis never paid Lauf money (like twenty or thirty thousand dollars) for her one private endorsement of him at a Bull Valley golf club which she never even bothered to mention on social media. They still seem bitter that Lauf lost to Obwerweis. You’re forgetting that not only did Lauf lose to Oberweis, but she also lost to Sue Rezin who did not even live in the district and who, like Oberweis, is an Illinois lawmaker.

    Kinzinger may be a turd but he could hardly be described as “old” for a member of congress.

    -How will the people of the 16th district react to Lauf moving into their district for the sole purpose of being a congresswoman? It’s better than not living in the district at all and running, (like when Marter challenged Kinzinger a few years ago but didn’t live in that district and then got clobbered, or when Sue Rezin ran in the 14th but didn’t live there and finished second place [Lauf finished third]) but will people who live in Kinzinger’s district see Lauf as a carpetbagger who moved out of self-interest or will they see her as one of them? Will Lauf be accepted by those voters or not?

    -How is Lauf going to afford a new place? Where does she get her money from? Most people need to work full time to have an apartment or house. She just travels around the country filming a bunch of high production cost videos and being elevated to celebrity status despite the fact that she hasn’t accomplished much of anything. We have talked about the e-celebrity problem in politics before on this blog.

    -I wonder how, if at all, Kinzinger and Lauf running for office affect Democrats’ calculation on redistricting. We still don’t know if Illinois will lose 1 or 2 districts or how they will redraw districts.

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