Wokeness in the Pritzker Administration

Reprinted with permission from Illinois Leaks:

Illinois HFS teaching Unconscious Bias, Microaggression, Microinequities, Microinsults, Microassaults, Microinvalidations,


The Illinois Department of Health and Family Services is now providing instruction on Unconscious Bias, Microaggression, Microinequities, Microinsults, Microassaults, and Microninvalidations.

In promotion of the training, the director made a statement in her email to HFS personnel that clearly failed to recognize our history.

Such misinformation must be exposed so that future positions on such history are not biased inappropriately. 

Maybe that could be another slide in the presentation and called “Historybias”.

Director Theresa Eagleson said in her email:

Last Thursday, I wrote an intermediate note to the team reflecting upon the unprecedented violent activity that took place in our nation’s Capitol – something never seen in the modern history of our country and done to undermine a process by which the very foundation of our democracy was built. “

History proves what happened in our Nations’ Capital on January 6, 2021, was not unprecedented violent activity in our Nations Capital.

We believe knowing our history and the context of the time is important to help prevent future bias.

Director Eagleson also stated there was an insurrection at the US Capitol. 

To claim there was an insurrection appears to be a biased position.

We say that because to date, we have not seen a single person convicted of insurrection and have yet to identify anyone actually criminally charged with such a crime. 

To prevent creating bias on the matter maybe we should wait and see what the Department of Justice actually prosecutes and obtains convictions on before making statements of fact.

While we disagree with some of Director Eagleson’s claims in her email, we are confident those who know our history and take the time to educate themselves will find the truth.

Below are links to the Powerpoint presentations as well as the Directors’ email to the “Team HFS.  We understand that training is being mandated for all HFS employees.

Happy Monday Team HFS!

My apologies for the lateness of this note today, but I lacked time over the weekend to think or write as I had originally planned. 

Many of us were speaking to legislators and advocates about our hospital and health care transformation proposal, while also working with legislators and staff on the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus agenda on their proposal to advance equity in healthcare. 

To say the least, we are receiving a lot of feedback on how we, as a Department, relate to customers in communities all across the state.

We started sharing “Monday Morsels” in the middle of a pandemic so that we could strengthen our connection in the furtherance of our mission and purpose as a Department. 

Over the past several months, I’ve been sharing the results of our collective work on sharpening our vision for the future where we have honed in on equity as a foundation of our work. 

What’s going on around us is a key aspect of our work and touches each and every one of us in different ways.

I received a lot of feedback (directly and indirectly) on the note sent last week – a lot positive and some negative. 

One of my truths is that feedback of all kinds is good for numerous reasons, which is why I create opportunities to receive it at all levels of the department. 

Not only do those providing it have voice, but it challenges us to open our minds to expressions and feelings beyond our own, giving us an opportunity to try to understand where others are coming from. 

From the training.

Diversity in perspectives makes us a stronger team and helps us develop better programs and services for our customers.

Some of the feedback that I received was centered around the adjectives used to describe mostly peaceful protests over the summer months and the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol last week. 

Thank you for comments. 

Your feedback is encouraged and welcomed, whether positive or negative.

Last Thursday, I wrote an intermediate note to the team reflecting upon the unprecedented violent activity that took place in our nation’s Capitol – something never seen in the modern history of our country and done to undermine a process by which the very foundation of our democracy was built.  

This is a moment in time that will be forever be embedded in our history and our minds.

My comments were not political, nor meant to be divisive. 

The reason I used the adjectives “black-led” and “white” as descriptors was last week were to intentionally call out the differences in police response between the events and toward the groups of people participating in each. 

And, to challenge us all to think about the biases that exist in our society that cause such differences.

From the training.

We ALL have bias, as my note discussed, and we will be discussing more. 

Having these difficult conversations is potentially the ONLY thing that brings understanding, acceptance and true teamwork. 

From the training. Note lack of quote marks and attribution to Martin Luther King.

It’s our awareness of those biases and what we do and how we treat others that we’re talking about here. 

In our new vision and values, we speak of EQUITY. 

From the training.

A big part of what I think we need to do across all our programs, policies, and interactions is to review them to ensure that all those who have been marginalized are represented and that their voices are amplified and heard. 

From the training.

My hope is that everyone joins as we work tirelessly to champion equity, and to combat injustices across economic, political, and daily life that pose as barriers for so many.  

Together, let’s continue to do the work…. (in the words of Evonda Thomas-Smith) “until justice JUST IS”.

As we approach 2021 with new energy and hope we must assure our efforts to be an organization that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Next week, we will be talking more about that part of the vision and our bold goals in that arena.

In the spirit of togetherness,


Theresa Eagleson
Director IL Dept. of Healthcare and Family Services
Bloom Building – Springfield
(She, her, hers)


Wokeness in the Pritzker Administration — 13 Comments

  1. Why do they show a fake black family on the website? [ Just like the TV commercials]

    95% of black families are headed by a single Mom (90 % never married either) with an average of 4.2 kids fathered by at least 3 males.

    Time to get real and end the propaganda!

    Yet we must pay for it all.

    More and more.

    That’s why my home is going up for sale in late April.

  2. Lord Jumbo Boy, King Of Burgers, Commodes And Obesity, sounds
    more like a Communist with each passing day.

    Yet somehow this comes as no surprise knowing his ilk.

  3. Looking at that “death by” Powerpoint Presentation, its the usual clap trap that its implied its all White People who have unconscious bias and commit microaggressions–

    all the examples are from a White persons view it seems,

    I didnt see one example about “you a jive arse cracker” being used as an example for bias, conscious or otherwise…

    again same garbage, just packaged differently to once again, “get Whitey”

    Make Whitey change, Make Whitey have to think and feel guilty about things they may have never even thought of.

    Pritzker buys into this because he’s only “leading” with minorities in mind, thats his perceived new base.

    Also nice try at Unity, but once again its always about only One side having to change—the White side.

  4. We should come up with a new term besides “woke.”

    When people hear woke they laugh at it. They think of some barefoot guy dancing in a forest, trying to barter “healing rocks” for a Zen meditation CD.

    You think of a guy eating vegetarian food from Bangladesh.

    People are disarmed by it because it makes them think of something silly but not serious.

    Woke is the subject of jokes and ridicule, but mostly jokes.

    But if you think it’s a serious problem, and if you think it’s pervasive, why talk about such ideas which are described as “woke” with a term that makes people go, “Haha, that is quite silly — guess I’ll go back to grilling hamburgers.”

    If it is silly, you dismiss it, but you assume other people will dismiss it.

    To you, it is obviously stupid.

    But that obviousness is not so obvious, is it?

    This stuff it is being taught to kids who are impressionable.

    It’s taught in college where people want to impress the professor to earn high marks.

    It’s in the media.

    It’s in the government.

    Are people not taking it seriously?

    I’d argue people are taking it seriously because it’s growing.

    If it is so easily dismissed and so laughable, why is it growing?

    Trying to make your political opponent look like a child is not always a good strategy.

    How can one feel threatened by a silly child?

    Also, if you know nothing of *how* the word is used and just stumbled across it, you might actually assume that being “woke” is a good thing since in other political context to be “awake” is contrasted to being “asleep” and being “awake” is considered good while being “asleep” is considered bad.

    “Woke” subverts that.

    “Woke” itself is meant to be negative, but people who are out of the loop might not know that and come to the conclusion it’s good.

    Or, like I said, they think it’s a joke.

    Either way, it doesn’t adequately alert people to a threat.

    We need words that scare people more, at least when we are talking about scary and destructive concepts.

    Being ironic or sarcastic is not sufficient to turning the tide.

    A lot of people are too dumb to even understand irony or sarcasm.

    People need to feel uncomfortable and frightened, and then they need to get angry.

  5. To follow up on my last comment:

    I want people to actually be “woke” about what’s going on.

    I don’t want them to ignore it.

    Some people, when they’re presented with something scary, will refuse to admit it so they can continue living their life without fear, but in doing so they are approving of their own oppression.

    I would prefer if people actually felt threatened by threats so that they will resist.

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

    ― Frederick Douglass

  6. The government website for Ms Eagleson states her Department’s mission as:

    “Our Mission: We work together to help Illinoisans access high quality health care and fulfill child support obligations to advance their physical, mental, and financial well-being.”

    Looked at the 17 page and 90 page documents referenced above and these are mostly BS. Has nothing to do with the Department’s Mission.

    Pritzker, a Democrat, appointed the Director and apparently approves her conduct since she is still there.

    Given the reckless so-called leadership of top Democrats in the US – Biden, Pelosi, Schumer – not surprising that lesser Democrats in the States support/condone nonsense.


  7. Meanwhile, in China…


    “China promotes education drive to make boys more ‘manly'”


    “China Tackles ‘Masculinity Crisis,’ Tries to Stop ‘Effeminate’ Boys
    Some fear China’s young boys are becoming physically and emotionally weak, causing a ‘crisis of masculinity’ — but not everyone agrees.”


    “A ‘Masculinity Crisis’? China Says the Boys Are Not All Right
    The Education Ministry plans to beef up gym classes after a top official said female teachers and pop culture had made boys “weak, inferior and timid.””

  8. Per


    Here are excerpts from an article by Joy Pullmann of the Federalist on the matter:

    ” Your Kids Would Be Better Off Feral Than Going To Schools That Make Them Anti-American Racists
    State-sponsored instruction that makes your child a dogmatic racist relativist is not worth any benefit you feel schools give in return. Not a single one. Being Mowgli would be better.

    By Joy Pullmann
    February 25, 2021

    To obtain or keep teaching licenses, Illinois now requires all K-12 teachers to indoctrinate their students in critical race theory, destructive lies about sex and gender, and other leftist mind poison. The rules clearly communicate that in Illinois public schools are no longer places to learn, but places children will be lied to, manipulated, and warehoused as wards of a corrupt and malevolent state. And this kind of schooling is spreading nationwide.”

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