State Says Two Die of Coronavirus

From the Illinois Department of Public Health comes this information about Covid-19 deaths:

  • 1 female 60s
  • 1 male 80s


State Says Two Die of Coronavirus — 4 Comments

  1. Not buying the Fauci fakery.

    Not after that kid in Ohio showed how he was entering data for people’s DNA from Covid testing.

    The testees were never told their DNA sample was being taken.

    That’s why they wanted state IDs.

    No informed consent.

    Very Sinister.

  2. Where’s the evidence for this?

    I’m not doubting one bit, just want to see the evidence.

  3. State says two die of WuFlu,
    and I say tens of millions have survived.

    This fearporn must stop, if it’s not too late to save the country already.

  4. What’s in the new vaxxes that are being pushed 24/7?

    A fertility reducing mechanism and a death trigger pulled by the next bioweapon release.

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