Dems Step Forward for District 2 County Board Appointment – Magdalena Rivera

Among the women applying to be appointed to a seat on the McHenry County Board by Republican Chairman Mike Buehler is Magdalena Rivera.

She lives in Crystal Lake and works for the Illinois Migrant Council.

Here is her application for the County Board position:


Dems Step Forward for District 2 County Board Appointment – Magdalena Rivera — 12 Comments

  1. Absolutely not. Illinois Migrant Council?…!,,,,,,,,WTF

    Check out the resume, did does she really hold 2 masters degrees?

    What does ‘coursework’ mean?

  2. Why aren’t the statements of economic interest filed in advance!!!!!!

  3. Has the State’s Atty been apprised of this fluff resume?

    The Ph.D. Is a total laugh.

    Sager reference again!

    That alone disqualifies her

  4. LMAO

    Advocate ….. we don’t need no stinking advocate.

    No no ….. wait it was badges … no stinking badges

    But the accent comes through none the less.

  5. To the anonymous commenters about IMC:

    You have no clue about the long history of the Illinois migrant council, nor about where most of your food comes from today.

    You’re just blathering because the phrase triggers your bigotry.

    If you actually knew what they’ve done in our community over the past 56 years, you’d thank them. Go research it.

  6. Titanium Mike, take a hike back to Boystown.

    You might Scott!!!

    Hip hip hooray!

  7. As an attendee at an Illinois Department of Labor hearing on migrant labor at the old City Hall’s second floor council chambers, I can attest to this:

    The Illinois Migrant Labor Council Exec at the time produced not one migrant laborer as a witness.

    The closet he came was a man who worked in a local factory/

  8. They aren’t migrants at all.

    They are criminals, invaders and illegal voters.

    They displace whites, blacks, asians and everybody here by birth or legal means.

    They jam our schools,hospitals, courts and jails….. all at our expense and reduction of living standards.

    Illegal aliens perpetrated over 15% of all DUI accident fatalities in 2018; over 30% of all motorists caught in hit and run crashes.

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