Schools Don’t Want Tests to Show How Well Remote Teaching Worked

Why would anyone be surprised that schools don’t want to be held accountable?

From the Daily Herald:

School leaders statewide say no to standardized tests this spring

Nearly 700 school superintendents from the suburbs and across the state are asking the U.S. Department of Education for permission to skip standardized testing this spring. Full Story


Schools Don’t Want Tests to Show How Well Remote Teaching Worked — 13 Comments

  1. Because it didn’t work.

    But parents are getting clued into the degenerate crap their kids are being stuffed with by certain ‘genderqueer’ teachers.

  2. But what of the higher priority of many, many parents…….

    Free meals and babysitting if education is nothing but remote?

    Who’s going to want to do that for thirteen years per child especially if both parents work?

  3. Its sad so many kids that need one on one attention missed out.

    the kids need to be back in school ASAP!!Or maybe the school districts can cut the tax bills.

    less school needed less taxes needed

  4. Of course not then they would have to shut down these money suck half filled buildings and give the tax payor a break!

  5. When and by who are the “teachers” tested for competence?

    It seems that any kid that attends public schools is short changed in the basic reading, writing and math.

    In addition, they are NOT being properly exposed to history and civics.

    Parents should get their heads out of you know what and DEMAND a quality education.

    Instead, I believe some parents think of school as a baby sitting machine and don’t give a rat’s patooty, IMNSHO

  6. Just like for cops, we need cameras and microphones in every classroom of public schools funded by we taxpayers. About 70 percent of every homeowner’s tax bill is for funding teachers and schools. What are we taxpayers getting for that money. Who in their right mind would just give away money and not know how well it is being used.

    With cameras, microphones and the internet, parents and all taxpayers could watch and listen to exactly what the teachers are saying and doing. How many teachers are subtly putting bs left wing nonsense into the minds of children?

    Teachers of public schools are just the same as police officers monitored for what they do. Teachers need to be monitored 24/7 and 365.

  7. Complain about the schools controlling your kids. Complain about the year you’ve had control over the daily academic lives of your children. Cheer on the insurrection. Blame the insurrection on Antifa. Claim the election was rigged. Cheer for the QAnon nuts who were elected. Call Ted Cruz “lyin’ Ted.” Defend Ted Cruz when he says he went to Mexico for his daughter. Cheer Michael Cohen when he trashes Trump’s detractors. Trash Michael Cohen when he gets caught. Trash Hunter Biden for sleazily profiting from Ukraine. Cheer Paul Manafort’s release from prison after being found guilty of charges related to Ukraine. Turn to Republican election officials to change vote counts. Trash Republican officials who won’t. Blame Jews for your ills. Turn to Jews to fund campaigns and work in the White House.

    At some point, stop and consider what sort of democratic republic you’re looking for. If it is a return to something the McCarthyites tried, calling people you don’t like “commies” and tossing around terms from that era like “cointelpro”, you might as well get furry hats with horns sticking out and go march around with no shirt on. We’ve tried that. It won’t work now, even though a lot of people are led by the fantasies of the Lin Woods of the world. The reason AOC is not the voice of the Democratic Party is that she advocates positions the majority don’t accept. She’s their Rand Paul. The democrats seem to land these days in the area of moderation, as a party, and that is why they won majorities in both the last presidential elections, and significant enough majorities in the right places to win the electoral vote in the most recent election.

    You’re not doing the party any good by advocating violence against people or against the rule of law. The one branch of government with the steadiest hand on the rudder is the judicial branch, because they are not tempted to jump at the trend of the moment in search of campaign funds and approval ratings. That is one of the lessons that ought to have been learned in the go-round over the election. Liberals who moan about conservatives appointed to the federal bench should study the history of federal judges. They get rather independent of parties once they take the bench. They carry their views of course, but the idea they they are loyal to a person or a party line is naive. You can find individual exceptions, of course.

    The same is true of your “deep state.” I’ve only visited, never lived or permanently worked in it. I know a lot of people who have, and their loyalty is to their job. One example: in November, 2017, during a Republican administration in the White House, democratic senator Bob Menéndez won a hung jury. The DOJ under republicans dismissed the charges in January, 2018 rather than retry him. The evidence I saw as an outsider looked like guilt to me. Trips, booze, women, sleaze galore from a constituent who would benefit. But apparently, a certain level of sleaze is just fine. I don’t blame the DOJ or Trump or Jews or the happy rocket pizza parlor for it. I blame the voters. Us. We let politicians keep in place systems that reward money. The reason rich people get to see presidents and congressmen isn’t because they are smarter than you or have better ideas; it’s because they have money. That’s it, and it is true of both parties. Until election finance reform takes hold in a meaningful way, we are stuck with Pritzgers and Trumps and Oberweises and the non millionaire people like Madison Cawthorn who will make up any nonsense in the moment if they think it will get them a vote or money, and those two have largely merged.

    Don’t burn down democracy or the Constitution, make it work better for us.

  8. Shalom Ya’all –

    Good to be here today.

    I see that my fellow McHenry County red blooded Americans are once again exercising their first amendment rights.

    Unfortunately, not everyone understands that just because one has the right doesn’t mean he/she/transgender should necessarily exercise it.

    I suspect Code Blue does not know I am talking to him, but ignorance is bliss.

    Cindy denies COVID so suggesting to her a choice had to be made about safety vs. alternative methods of education would likely draw another ignorant rebuke from her.

    I gotcha covered Cindy, no need to respond, but you comments are always welcome for giggles.

    Feel free to amuse me with one of your witty little verbal daggers.

    I wonder if Klaatu ever considered becoming a teacher.

    Regardless, has anyone here really considered that parents are responsible for their chidlren’s education, the schools are just a vehicle pursuant to which the children can get educated.

    In other words, turn off the television, get your ass off the couch and work with your kids daily on the 3 R’s as well as social studies.

    Well maybe this group should not do social studies, we need to avoid creating any more QAnon idiots, fostering the deep state paranoia and all around bigotry.

    Bread winner, I have not forgot about you.

    Let’s monitor you 24/7 as well.

    We put cameras in the various rooms of your home to see everything you do.

    How about one at work, right above the grill at McDonalds to see that you are properly flipping the burgers and not touching the food after jamming your hand down you pants to adjust your nut sack sticking to your thighs.

    Shalom again (it means both hello and good bye in Hebrew because us Jews do not know if we are coming or going).

    Uber Jew

    P.S. I remind you all Jesus was a Jew, be kind to me.

  9. Uber Jew

    You certainly have Cindy pegged.

    I haven’t had a good laugh like that in a long time.


  10. Uber jew….. when the Gospel of St. Matthew be considered hate literature?

    Matthew 25:27

  11. Shalom Beck —

    I am not very familiar with Matt.

    I do know he was the opener in the sequel, but have not really read either Volume.

    Hell, I do not even know what my Torah portion was about (I had to read a small section directly from the Torah for my Bar Mitzvah).

    If you are unfamiliar, the Torah it is the first 5 books of Volume I.

    I never really cared to understand it or any religious writing.

    I gave up organized religion or any religion for that matter upon leaving my parents home for college and never looked back.

    Even before that I really did not participate much nor really care.

    Nevertheless, I did a brief review and see what Matty had to say so that I may respond to you.

    Unfortunately, I do not understand your question in relation to Matty’s writings.

    I see he is concerned about interest on money.

    Why would I think that was hate literature?

    I look forward to your well reasoned response.

    Uber Jew

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