McHenry Township Officials Seek Higher Salaries

Read the following notice for a Special McHenry Township Meeting and see if you agree that it is stimulated by the candidates running mainly unopposed–in the April Township election:

In 2018, the Republican-controlled McHenry Township Board cut salaries of full-time election Township officials.

Salaries of current McHenry Township officials are as follows:

  • Supervisor – $68,677
  • Highway Commissioner – $76,179
  • Assessor – $67,677
  • Clerk – $13,009
  • Trustees – $100 per meeting

Over the four years they are in office, each official, but the Trustees, will see a six percent raise, according to Democratic Party Assessor Mary Mahady.

The Board set the salaries for the terms beginning in May as follows:

  • Supervisor – $45,000
  • Road Commissioner – $45,000
  • Assessor – $45,000
  • Clerk – $10,000

It appears this meeting is an attempt to raise the salary levels.

One problem is 60 ILCS 1/30 gives electors their authorities and does allow setting salaries in those authorities.

Second problem: even if they had the authority, 50 ILCS 145/2 (Elected Officials Compensation Ac) requires compensation to be set 180 days prior to term (term starts May 17th, so there is not 180 days).


McHenry Township Officials Seek Higher Salaries — 14 Comments

  1. This is how they slip it in

    they should send out a ballot to every registered voter just like they did for the previous election instead of posting it when they did

    the tax refund for the nursing home they sent of forms to get the money back why not this

  2. At least they published it properly, unlike the cowardly Board in Lakewood.

    They DOUBLED their salaries by hiding it in the consent agenda.

    Plus President Phil Stephan and Trustee Pam Eddy are taking salaries when a previous Board set them to ZERO.

    Nothing to see here.

    #BABL on!!

  3. Weren’t these scum cut off from their Platinum Health Insurance, too?

    Those are part time jobs on top of it!

    Plus they get fat pensions, too.

  4. are u for real?

    assessor salary this has got to be a joke!

    and the others are all out to lunch…

    have none of you $ sucks heard of NO raises for you when barley anyone is even working! in this craphole

  5. Wow, the greedy township hogs should be impeached.

    Do they even show up at the township? They don’t bother to show up in Grafton Township.

  6. Danny Aylward is the Clerk of the township, trying to claw even more $$$$$$.

    He’s also known as the Clown of River Road.

    A really bad neighbor.

    Look Aylward up on the County Courthouse listing.

    Why is he involved in so many orders of protection cases?


  7. This really bad.

    Have they no shame?

    Have they lost any sense of decency?

    Why even have a Township Board or Townships for that matter?

    No wonder our state is broke and broken.

  8. Reason #9530 to rid ourselves of the township pigs.

    I wonder what the State’s Attorney will say about this illegal scam.

  9. The Supervisor is grossly overpaid even at $45K.

    There is literally nothing for a Supervisor to do anymore.

    What are his duties?

    (1) Distributes less than two dozen interim public aid checks per year with the help of a staff person.

    (2) Oversees tiny one acre township cemeteries where no one is buried in any more and which can be maintained by a landscaping company hired by the township.

    (3) Signs the computer generated payroll checks for the Road District employees twice per month, again with the help of a staff person.

    (4) Chairs a one hour monthly meeting where there is nothing really to discuss using basically the same agenda every month.

    Total amount of time per MONTH is probably under 20 hours if one were honest about it.

  10. If he is going to be asking for more money, ask him to produce TIME RECORDS for the previous year.

  11. For once I agree with Because Science, but the figure is more like 3 hrs a month.

    I’ve seen Donna Schaefer and her sock puppet Craig Adams for many years in McHenry Township. They never did jack except build up pension years.

    They are leeches.

    This move is incredible and illegal.

  12. Dan Aylward does an excellent job as Township Clerk.

    He’ll be getting my vote. He cares about people unlike the evil gang of trustees who should be kicked out of office.

    They don’t know what they’re doing.

    They raised the bus cost by 700% and ruined my system of errands, they have no heart.

    Alyward should be paid $50,000 like other townships.

    He does it for love of the people and public service

  13. No township clerk in McHenry County is paid $50,000.

    And Alyward is unopposed.

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