Trump Calls Out Kinzinger

In his speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC), former President Donald Trump called out by name those U.S. Senators and Congressmen whom he does want to see re-elected.

Donald Trump at CPAC.

To no one’s surprise, Illinois’ Adam Kinzinger was one of them.

Politico reports,

Kinzinger wasn’t impressed. In a virtual press conference after Trump’s speech, the Republican from Illinois’ 16th Congressional District said the former president offered a “recycled” campaign speech that could have been given in October. There were “no new ideas” and what he did discuss was “peppered with dishonesty…”

Kinzinger also addressed politics at home, saying he wasn’t losing sleep over Catalina Lauf or tthers looking to challenge him in a primary. “They have no interest in representing the people they live with. They’re more interested in representing the interests of a man.”

Trump just endorsed an opponent to an Ohio incumbent (whose name I can’t remember), showing that he is willing to get actively involved in Republican Primary Elections.

Will he come down on the side of telegenic Catalina Lauf, who represents both the age group and ethnic background in which the Republican Party seeks expansion?

Only time will tell.


Trump Calls Out Kinzinger — 20 Comments

  1. I don’t believe that Trump will actually run again for President in 2024.

    What he will do is continue to tease it so he can raise money which he will then use to pay his legal fees to all the lawyers he will need to fend off indictments and lawsuits in New York, Georgia, and D.C.

    He has recently admitted that he made 1.6 BILLION DOLLARS during his presidency.

    His family members, who were supposedly advising him on policy matters and going around the world meeting with foreign leaders as if they were in the State Department, made hundreds of millions.

    When Jimmy Carter was President he divested himself of any interest in his peanut farm to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.

    Trump is not a conservative nor a Republican.

    He was a Democrat and was friends with the Clintons.

    He ran as a Republican and took the postures he did because running in the Democratic Party was precluded by the Clinton presence.

    He is a con man and is still running his con and you folks here are falling for it over and over.

    “Angela: You’re a con man?

    Roy: Con Artist.”

    Nicolas Cage, Matchstick Men 2003

  2. Kinzstinker so desperately wants to be the man Trump is, but he can never be.

    It’s adios to Adam pissant.

  3. Best political news has to be China forcing Biden’s staff to submit to anal Covid exams.

    That’s how you show world leadership!

  4. Correct Primate.

    If Trump was so great, why did he underperform most of the other GOP’ers on the ballot.

    Kinsinger beat Trump in his district by 10 points.

    And don’t say it was because the “machines were rigged” when it came to Trump and not others.

    Why do that and not just help out the Democrats in the House and Senate?

    The Dems came perilously close to losing both.

    And don’t forget that there was a hand count for the entire state of Georgia, all of the counties in which used Dominion software, which produced the same result.

    Were the “hands hacked”?

  5. Who cares what Because Science says?

    Nobody does.

    He should get his outfit ready for Woodstock’s upcoming Gay Pride parade.

    Maybe he could invite Kinzinger.

    Or did HRM “Dr.” Brian Sager already do that because he’s the Parade Marshal?

  6. Imbeciles like Because and Innocent suffer from terminal TDS.

    Yes, it shows.

    Please get psychiatric help.

  7. James Marter has EVERY interest in representing the people.

  8. Code Blue

    I was just quoting the Wall Street Journal.

    If you have a problem with the content, I suggest you take it up with the WSJ.

  9. Kinzinger is a dust bunny within the Republican party:

    1) Lightweight
    2) Irritating
    3) Everyone looks forward to cleaning house.
    4) A product of the local dirty environment.
    5) Other than that, the dust bunny looks cute.

  10. @CLM……….For a moment I thought you were talking about Because Science ’til I got to number 5.

  11. Does Woodstock really have a homosexual “pride” parade?

    Code Blue, Because Science and Innocent Ape are NOT “imbeciles” although their attempts to propagandize here is indeed imbecilic.

    Because is a moron.

    “Innocent” is a cretin.

    And Kinzinger is their mutual obsession and fantasy!

  12. I’m not an expert of the Georgia recount, but a friend pointed out if the ballots were just run through the same machines, the results would be expected to be the same.

    Is that what happened or was there actually a count without machines?

  13. Yes Cal. The ENTIRE STATE of Georgia was recounted by hand.

    It was also re run through the machines plus there was an audit of signature matches on mail in ballots.

    Must be “Hand Hackers”.

    No fraud.


    Trump lost.

  14. As for Kinsinger, by drawing out so many challengers to his Right, he has probably assured himself re-election in a winner take all primary.

  15. Shalom Again —

    When is the pride parade in Woodstock?

    Code Blue, will you be there protesting while showing your manliness and heterosexuality?

    You are clearly charming.

    Combine that with a freshly laundered wife beater and it will be near impossible to keep the parade participants from vying for your affection.

    They will be all over your like white on your favorite rice.

    You be careful now, we wouldn’t want that to rub off on you or anyone at the corner bar to get the wrong impression.

    Stay safe,
    Uber Jew

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