IL-16: James Marter Emails for Congress

Kendall County Republican James Marter has announced he is challenging Congressman Adam Kinzinger again.

McHenry County residents will remember that Marter ran in the GOP 16th District congressional primary which Jim Oberweis won.

Here is Marter’s email:

I’m fighting for you and I have unfinished business…

Hello Friends,

I announced in early February on the Sirius XM Patriot Channel’s Wilkow Majority Show. Since then, a lot has been happening, Illinois Review covered me and I’ve been a guest on several national podcasts. I was invited to speak with the Northern Illinois Republican Women in Loves Park and a great group of patriots in Princeton. I also attended a large grassroots gathering in Shorewood, with close to 200 people, gearing up for campaigning and voter registration.

James Marter in 2016

Lots of energized, new Republicans being welcomed into the GOP! The Republican Party is far from perfect but it’s better than the alternative and You and I can make it better.

The worst thing we could do for the people of Illinois, is mimic our failed policies in Washington. These are the things that have driven out 800,000 of our neighbors, leaving us with their tax burden and our own. Supporting radical agendas, has made us less safe, less united and less prosperous. Rest assured, I will never vote for policies that send us in that direction as a nation.

Congressman Kinzinger has voted for every big spending bill in his decade in Congress, putting at risk future generations who’ll be saddled with that debt. Other opportunists jumping in the race have no record of being an actual conservative.

I’m running on:

  • Liberty: Join the House Freedom Caucus, Preserve Constitutional Rights
  • Security – Strong borders and a strong U.S. Military
  • Economy – Pro-growth, pro-American policies with limited government
  • Find out what else.

Let’s have a conversation.I’m asking for your support and looking forward to exchanging ideas and hearing your concerns.

Please watch for future updates and if you can donate or volunteer, your support would be greatly appreciated – the sooner the better!

You can contact the campaign below. God bless you and God bless America!

James Marter
Marter for Congress
(815) 585-8006 – Work


IL-16: James Marter Emails for Congress — 11 Comments

  1. The more the merrier as far as Kinsinger is concerned I am sure.

    No run offs in Illinois.

  2. “Kendall County Republican James Marter has announced he is challenging Congressman Adam Kinzinger again.

    McHenry County residents will remember that Marter ran in the GOP 16th District congressional primary which Jim Oberweis won.”

    Marter ran in the FOURTEENTH district against Oberweis, Rezin, Lauf, Gradel, Evans, and Catella in 2020. Oberweis won.
    Marter ran in the SIXTEENTH district against incumbent Adam Kinzinger in 2018. Kinzinger won.

  3. Marter also ran against Mark Kirk in the 2016 Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

  4. Would somebody close to him stop him from embarrassing himself?

    He is not a serious person. He is not a serious candidate. He is a perpetual loser. The only thing he accomplishes is splitting up the anti Effeminate Kinzinger vote.

  5. A lot of people are in agreement, Santa Cruz Transplant.

    The issue is how do you do that.

    When you have four other people who have announced they’re running, and three of those are explicitly anti-Kinzinger, pro-Trump candidates, you probably won’t stop Kinzinger.

    Michael and Chase are saying Marter is a perennial candidate and perennial loser.

    He ran for federal office in 2016, 2018, and 2020.

    He barely improved from 2016 to 2018 and then in 2020 he finished fifth place out of 7.

    Throughout his three runs, he was never good at raising money.

    No results, no money, no progress, multiple losses stacking up means a lot of people don’t believe Marter is a strong candidate who can win a primary or general election.

    Once again the GOP has a crowded field and a lack of quality candidates.

    I’m not impressed with Lombardi.

    He seems in over his head.

    I’m not a fan of Lauf.


    Nobody knows a thing about her.

    Marter is a weak candidate.

  6. Hey Johnsburger – if you were able to read I have said the fewer contestants the better.

    Why don’t you get in if you support the more-the-merrier.

  7. Not impressed with any of the three.

    I’m sure more candidates will compete to unseat the low hanging fruit, “Kinzinger’.

    Hey maybe Oberweis?

    hahah just kidding

  8. I heard Jack Franks is going to run on the Demo ticket in that newly formed District.

    He’s hoping to run to the right of a weakened, exposed homosexual Kinzinger.

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