Parents Have Say at Cary Grade School District Board Meeting

Chris Krug, who runs The Center Square, wrote this week in a larger article of what he observed at his Cary District 26 Elementary School Board meeting:

I watched the school board meeting hosted by my local elementary district [Cary] back home in Illinois.

For nearly 30 minutes, mom after dad after mom after dad came to the lectern and throttled the board.

In my district (one of more than 850 independently operated local school districts in Illinois), the kids have attended classes fewer than 10 total in-person days since the second week of March 2020.

The tension was palpable.

The vitriol was genuine – the product of pent-up frustration with a district’s administration that followed “the science and data” that it has still yet to make a move toward reopening our schools.

The pains of this were articulated by parents who described their children having become turned off after months of Zoom-based learning.

One mom said that her twins cry frequently because they feel like failures.

Another said that her kids are spending so much time in front of screens that they no longer can sleep properly.

Still another said that her child’s personality has changed in the past six months.

She was nearly in tears. 


Parents Have Say at Cary Grade School District Board Meeting — 6 Comments

  1. They can still speak at Board mtgs for now, but they have zero say in crazy policies of the genderqueer crowd.

  2. Let the money from property taxes follow the student.

    Student choice works brilliantly at the collegiate level.

    Choice will square away all schools.

    Fixed it.

  3. School Board, District Administration, Teachers Union—all seemingly anti student and parent. District Administrators get rich as do Teachers, no matter the performance—look up Dr Tim Kelly’s pension sometime, former head of District 26–he, and those who approved it should be up on charges. Teachers, Administrators First, Students, Parents always at the bottom. Thanks Krug for the report of realness. Too much power in the wrong peoples hands who still get compensated heavily for failure.

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