Gasser-Miller Litigation Moves Toward Resolution: Anna Miller Out of the Suit, All Counts Dismissed Except Two Against Robert Miller, Summary Judgment Motion to be Heard Right Before Gasser’s Term Expires

The following court order was filed yesterday in the marathon court case between Algonquin Township Road District and his predecessor Bob Miller:

Gasser’s leaving office does not end the court case, but it could well result in new instructions from his successor.

As one can see at the bottom of the court order signed by Associate Judge Thomas Meyer. Anna May Miller’s attorney is Steven, J. Brody.


Gasser-Miller Litigation Moves Toward Resolution: Anna Miller Out of the Suit, All Counts Dismissed Except Two Against Robert Miller, Summary Judgment Motion to be Heard Right Before Gasser’s Term Expires — 17 Comments

  1. How much in legal fees has Gasser cost taxpayers during his tenure?

  2. I was at a board meeting when Gasser first started looking for more tax dollars in the lawyers line item then what had been budgeted.

    Dan Shea make the comment in essence that Gasser’s folly would cost tax payers over a million before it was all over.

    Dan guessed low!!!

  3. Townships are the very best government of all.

    It is close to the people!

    Nuts like Barber Anderson, Steve Veers and the tax non-payer MikeRakestraw should be ashamed of their sad selfs.

  4. Gasser was terrible.

    Bob Miller knew how to run the road department right.

    Algonquin Township will be OK again when Derek LEE Wins.

    Vote for Derek LEE.

  5. You’ve got to hand it to Bob Miller for putting the township in a box when he left office.

    All of these legal fees are his doing.

  6. Shalom Y’all

    Miller had nothing to do with the legal fees.

    They are the result of a case that was over litigated to prove a point.

    It was never about how much the road district would recover.

    There was never a cost benefit analysis.

    If there was, this endeavor would have never left the starting line.

    The case, when filed, was about ego, publicity and showing who was now in charge.

    Just consider all of the road district litigation during the current administration.

    Uber Jew

  7. 1. I’m changing my name to Lyft Goy. Uber Jew rocks.

    2. Cindy, what the heck. Are you carrying on about the hyper computer in Belgium? The Wacky Walnut Pizza and Cannibalism Emporium? Illuminati?

  8. Uber jew you are absolutely correct.

    Millions wasted to prove a point.

    The only winners are the attorneys who got and are still getting paid.

  9. Gasser got in there, and used the position to gut the department, squandered the human resources in the experienced crew by firing them, picked a fight over his past political rival instead of focusing on the job he said he wanted, and opened the coffers to churn and burn legal “strategery.”

    What value has that brought to his department, the township, or taxpayers?

    How was the public served?

    What did they get for their money?


    That is the result of the “rule of law.”

    Bullshit claims get slapped down.

    That is the law functioning properly, not the absence of rule of law.

  10. You people that do not understand when someone tells you that the rule of law is gone are ALL MORONS! It is completely plain to anyone with an IQ over that of a pigeon that the courts are fixed. ALL OF THEM! Your rights are nonexistent! The corruption has no end. You are all losing your souls while you argue over stupidity and paradigms. You live under Communist rule. Properly? You are a laughing stock if you believe anything is NOT upside down! Wake up and smell the genocide!

  11. Shalom Cindy —

    Every day you make me laugh — at you, not with you.

    All conclusions and insults without substance.

    When Don Rickles insulted people there was substance.

    You, not so much.

    But then again, I do not expect you are trying to entertain us, just insult us.

    You are just a bitter woman.

    If I had to profile you, certainly a candidate for Horders but no relatives concerned enough about you (childless perhaps) to contact the show producers, minimum 8 cats and various bowls of cat food and dirty litter boxes hidden between the various piles of junk you have amassed over the years, and a scary mole at the end of your nose with thick black hairs growing out of it.

    Quite possibly you were asked not to return to at least one place of worship due to behavior matters, and definitely never married.

    Am I close?

    Uber Jew

  12. So if the courts are fixed, that means the judges I have known for decades have been in on this all along, and have not only kept it from me, but been so good at fixing the cases that none of us (except you, of course) can see this?

    When I worked in government, is your idea that I was a fixer?

    Or I was somehow drugged and made to think I was doing things I wasn’t?

    People I know who have witnessed certain events, are they, too, in on the great delusion?

  13. When on his way out, Miiller unionized the shop, which happened to contain I believe 3 members of his family at that time, including Derek Lee if I am not mistaken.

    Members of a certified union cannot be fired except for cause.

    This saddled Gasser with several employees who were likely to be hostile to him and sabotage whatever it was he wanted to do as Road Commissioner.

    By litigating, he delayed the inevitable until he was able to leave office, which was his intention from the beginning.

    He didn’t have much alternative.

    Then Miller also paid himself back unused sick pay, under questionable circumstances.

    So all of the litigation was the direct result of the 11th hour shenanigans of Bob Miller.

    Meanwhile Gasser did rid the township, at least temporarily, of the multi generational Miller Family Dynasty and their over the top nepotism.

    Bringing Derek Lee back will just restore the dynasty.

    There are no rules for townships regarding nepotism, as there are for other units of local government such as the county.

    The head of McDOT can’t hire anyone from his family anyplace in the county department.

    No one in a supervisory capacity can have anyone working directly under them who is related.

    This is one of the main problems with township government.

    They are lawless.

    Better to have the county handling the job.

  14. Because science has the true
    picture;there’s more.

    Shea and Nob have always been MIller fans.

    Wiley Quixote quote about “picking fights”

    Take a look at Derek Lee – his expression sullen,inviting a punch in the nose.

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