Dundee Township Supervisor Trish Glees Attempted for Her Business to Provide Services At Cost

Trish Glees

Out of well-meaning intentions, the Dundee Township supervisor was about to run afoul of the law proposing a budget with software licensing through her own company

In neighboring Dundee Township in Kane County, Supervisor Trish Glees (I-turned-D, West Dundee) was advised by the Edgar County Watchdogs Jim Kraft her proposed budget with software licensing through her own company, would run afoul of the law.

At a special meeting this past Wednesday night, Supervisor Glees explained to the township board accessing remote she was advised of the potential wrongdoing within the proposed budget, and she apologized to the board and residents of the wrong decision.

Her intention was to pay for software licenses for the township through her company at cost as part of the proposed fiscal year 2021-2022 budget, still being drafted by the township.

The 2 1/2 minute video of Glees’ apology can be found here.

Given Glees’ actions were of noble intention, appears the Edgar County Watchdogs intervened before any law was broken, as appears the proposed action was for the budget year 2021-2022, which has yet to be adopted, even in draft form, prior to correcting the potential error.

It also appears Glees acted alone, without input from the board of trustees. It should be noted Trustee Sue Harney (R-turned-D, Sleepy Hollow) is a former 4-term supervisor of the township, so had a formal vote/action by the township board been moved and seconded, either Harney, the other trustees or the township attorney would have stopped the action.

Glees is running for reelection to a 2nd term on April 6, this year as a Democrat and ran unopposed in the Democrat primary last month. Glees ran as an independent in 2017, defeating the Republican nominee for the open supervisor spot.

Her opponent in 2021 is Arin Thrower (I, West Dundee) who lives exactly one block from Glees, and shares the same house number, but on parallel streets.

A new grassroots group, the Dundee Township, IL Citizens for Integrity, issued the following statement on their Facebook page concerning Glees’ indiscretion:

“Dundee Township Board Meeting March 3, 2021, Trish Glees Township Supervisor (D) admits wrongdoing after Watch Dog Group schooled her on the laws.

“She apparently DID NOT tell the taxpayers here it was her own IT business that was billing the Township. That is illegal. And this shows she wasn’t forthcoming until a Watch Dog group intervened.”

Dundee Township IL Citizens for Integrity Facebook post, 3/4/21


As noted above, it is not clear if an actual violation of law took place, and by all appearances, an illegal act was prevented. I reviewed meeting minutes for past few months, and found no township board action involving the payment of taxpayer monies to Glees’ consulting firm.

If anyone has information to the contrary, please let McHenry County Blog know of specific meeting minutes where any potential illegal action took place.

That said, the near-incident does show questionable judgement, in spite of noble intention, of Supervisor Glees, or at the very least, a lack of due diligence.

Voters will decide on April 6 if Trish Glees should be replaced with the election of Arin Thrower.

UPDATE: Reference to Glees running as a Republican in 2017 was corrected.


Dundee Township Supervisor Trish Glees Attempted for Her Business to Provide Services At Cost — 17 Comments

  1. Just another reason to ax rotten townships.

    I’m waiting for one of the township hacks to answer this question:

    Why the hell do we need townships?

  2. She was only trying to help (herself).

    The township rats have no shame because they scam out of the public eye.

  3. Townships are Amateur Hours.

    This would never get past Square One at the county.

    Here is what townships do:

    (1) Maintain township roads. This is done by the Road Commissioner who is not accountable to the Supervisor, Township Board or anyone else other than the 4% of the voters who show up at partisan township primaries held on the fourth Tuesday of February once every four years in odd numbered years. (How many people even know about it? ).

    (2) Do assessments. Each township has it’s own assessor, who is sometimes part time, and each one has different philosophies and methods. Again, accountable only to the 4%.

    (3) Supervisor: Signs pre printed payroll checks twice a month for Road District employees; maintains tiny unused cemeteries dating from the 1800’s; distributes 1 or 2 checks per month for interim public assistance applicants; chairs monthly 30 minute meetings of Township Board; collects salary based on population of township rather than on the amount of work that needs to be done.

    All of them are unaccountable and have no rules regarding conflicts of interest, nepotism, etc.

    So somebody PLEASE explain to me why anyone (other than the township officials) needs this?

  4. Because, I hardly ever agree with you, but on this you are 100% correct.

    Just look at that fat pig.

    She can’t help herself keeping her fat puss out of the tax trough.

    She could get a job as a carnival sideshow attraction.

    But that wouldn’t have a huge pension.

    In a way, Because, we are the idiots because we support useless mooks like her.

    I read an article today about the sad sack called Dan Alyward, Clerk of McHenryTownship whining in the paper because he gets ‘picked on’ .

    Useless bureaucrats are not royalty!

    They should get picked on when they try and scam the taxpayers like they trying do in that Township after the Board cut the bloated salaries of the lazy muttons like the Assessor, Supervisor and Road Commissioner, he’s trying to restore the bloated salaries.

  5. Alyward is the guy who tried to pay his property taxes in single dollar bills a few years back.

  6. Dan Alyward used to be a OK.

    I used to ride with him at various MC rallies and demonstrations.

    Then he sort of chomped out.

    He got swallowed up and Co-opted by a corrupt system.

    He also had a nice property tax cut from the assessor of that township, a Democrat and gay rights ‘activist’ in the County, known as Mary Mahatey, Brian Sanger’s go-to gal on woke crap.

    Most people with Fox River fronting property like Danny Boy got a huge tax hike this reassessment, but not Danny.




  7. To say that township government is “closest to the people” is ludicrous.

    Physical proximity no longer has any meaning.

    I have daily phone calls from those nice people in Dehli who want to sell me a car warranty.

  8. Curious, as to why everyone in India works in a call center and over here their all Doctors.

  9. It’s called brain drain or human capital flight, D J.

    “the emigration of highly trained or intelligent people from a particular country.”

  10. A quadruple chin and a huge tear from sitting around at home overeating.

  11. Glees is a Dirtbag Durbin cheerleader.

    As a fat pig she learned well.

  12. Trish Glees is anti-Trump TDS sufferer too go look at her social media.

    Vote her out.

    She needs a major diet too.

  13. More like a hog at the trough Cindy.

    A gigantic Jaba the Hutt kind of hog.

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