Freedom Friday Fundraiser for GOPAC March 26th — 17 Comments

  1. Let me know when these people are ready to out the culprits for what they really are.

  2. The first comment is a good question.

    If the guest speaker is just going to be Jeff Thorsen or Craig Wilcox or some other small-fries local politicians then I would not be interested.

    I might be interested if it’s a candidate for a statewide or federal office, somebody on talk radio or TV, an author, the leader of a big name group, or something like that.

  3. Don’t worry, Correcting.

    I am not scheduled to speak.

  4. Is the dinner any good?

    If Reick or Althoff is scheduled, I’m a no show, and may picket the event.

  5. It’s $50/ ticket FUNDRAISER!

    Candidates ask for far more than that with no dinner, guest speakers, and all that other stuff listed.

    Have to buy tickets by the 16th or 19th I heard.

    Where is the link to buy?

  6. It’s put on by County Conservatives.

    Positive No R.I.N.O.s will be speaking.

  7. Actually Jeff Thorsen and Craig Wilcox are very good speakers!

    And Conservatives!

    You should have seen their speeches at a special county board meeting in protest of Democrat Jackwipe Franks trying to privatize the County nursing home behind the board’s backs overstepping his bounds as county board chairman !

    It was like I was watching a great courtroom movie.

  8. I know they are, Landon.

    I just think if you want to get more people to show up you need more star power.

  9. I’m on a cell phone.

    Since my inquiry I see they’ve included the actual link to click to buy tix.


  10. Correcting, For a low ticket price of $50 that includes dinner??????

    What political fundraiser or even an event have you been where you’ve gotten this much for fifty bucks!?

  11. We’re pleased to announce that Gubernatorial candidate, Darren Bailey contacted us and said he will be there!

  12. We’re pleased to announce that Gubernatorial candidate, Gary Rabine will also be there and he’ll be Speaking!

  13. Just was contacted by JACK LOMBARDI for Congress (to unseat Adam Kinzinger)

    And PAUL SCHIMPF for Governor.

    Both will be in attendance.

  14. Among other great speakers, three Candidates for Governor will be SPEAKING.

    And candidates for Congress will be in attendance.

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