Dem Legislators Seek Mandatory State Registry of Vaccinations – Hearing Tuesday, How to File a Witness Slip

From Illinois Review, reprinted with permission:

Democrat state rep calls for mandatory state vaccine registry

SPRINGFIELD – State Representative Robyn Gabel (D-Evanston) wants health care providers, physician’s designees, or pharmacist’s designees to be required by the state of Illinois to provide immunization data into a state registry – a policy being considered that could undermine federal HIPPA laws.

Currently, the state of Illinois’ I-CARE, or Illinois Comprehensive Automated Immunization Registry Exchange, is a web based immunization record-sharing application developed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH). Participation in the program is voluntary currently, as the law says “may” provide data. Gabel wants the word changed to “shall,” thus requiring the data be submitted to the state.

A hearing on HB 347 will be held in the Illinois Human Services Committee Mar 9 2021 at 3:00PM in Virtual Room 2. As of Monday, only Gabels is signed on as a bill sponsor. 

During the same hearing, Democrat state Senator Mike Hastings (D-Frankfort) will be pushing forward a similar Senate Bill (SB 582). 

Gabel’s campaign records shows she’s received thousands of campaign dollars from big pharmaceutical companies such as Merck ($2000 in 2020), Takeda ($1000 in 2020), Astellas Pharma ($250 in 2020), Eli Lilly ($500 in 2020)  Vertex Pharma ($500 in 2020) and the phRMA PAC ($500 in 2020). 

Witness slips may be taken via the ILGA.GOV website.


Click here.

Below is a procedure for submitting a witness slip — it’s not difficult, but, the first time you try it, you could miss something.  If the attached file with directions and screen shots scares you, here’s the main things to remember:

  • For IDENTIFICATION, enter your name.
  • For TITLE use Mr. Mrs. Ms., Chairman, whatever.  It’s a required field.
  • Fields are faintly outlined – you may miss Zip Code after your address.  The fields will autofill after you’ve entered them once, if you enter the first letter or number for a new witness slip.
  • For both COMPANY & REPRESENTATION you can enter “Self” unless you represent a group.  Some people put “Smith Family” in either field.
  • For TESTIMONY, click on “Record of Appearance Only” and then click the box “Agree to the terms.”
  • For TESTIMONY, click on “Record of Appearance Only” and then agree to the terms.
  • Most often, people forget to agree to the terms, and wonder why their witness slip is stuck.
  • Click on “Create Slip”.  it may throw a CAPCHA at you – identify the boxes where a traffic light is shown, e.g., to make sure you’re a real human.
  • You will get a confirmation message that your slip was filed, and an email, if you provided an email address.
  • Rr than “Record of Appearance Only.”  You can also select “Written Statement Filed” if you are submitting a statement.


Dem Legislators Seek Mandatory State Registry of Vaccinations – Hearing Tuesday, How to File a Witness Slip — 11 Comments

  1. Total bullish!t.

    But Steve Reick says there should be a registry!

  2. No way Fatso Pritzker. How about a registry of inner city gang thugs?

    A registry of homosexual teachers and sex offender criminals?

    A registry of ‘journalists’ who print outright lies, like gay boys Anderson Cooper, Davy Muir and Bottom boy Lemon.

  3. What next with a registry?

    A clear plastic covered 3×5 small placard fastened to a loop to wear around the neck and on the chest stating:

    “I was vaccinated for the Chinese Virus” and showing the name of the person.

    To be worn whenever a person is out of his/her home and out in public.

    Would not have to wear it while driving in a car, pickup, suv, etc.

  4. When the Polio Vaccine was given, there was no registry of who received it.

    This is still a free country, or so I thought, WHY DO WE NEED A VACCINE REGISTRY NOW!!!

    I can help but feel this is the beginning of the end of my free country and the start of Socialism that we all know does not work.

  5. Elizabeth? Are you kidding? Wake up and smell the communism. Your country is LONG gone.

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