IL-16: Catalina Lauf Hires Alex Bruesewitz to Help Run Her Campaign

Catalina Lauf
Alex Bruesewitz

Lauf’s new hired gun has stated Republicans who did not stand strong with Donald Trump when he was President would get a strong primary challenger

Early Monday, POLITICO broke the story of Republican candidate for IL-16 Catalina Lauf hiring Alex Bruesewitz, co-founder and CEO of Washington, D.C.-based X Strategies, will help her run her primary campaign challenging Congressman Adam Kinzinger in the 2022 Republican primary.

“We are running our campaign as we would a startup.

“I’m proud to build out my team with those who are disrupting the establishment political consulting class, who support President Trump, and who are loyal to the America First movement which lifted up all Americans.”

Catalina Lauf, 3/8/21


Lauf’s new hired gun stated stated on January 5 at a rally:

“When we say every Republican that does not stand strong with the president will get a primary challenger,…it means is we will make them spend their money. And we will urge their donors to not support them.”

Alex Bruesewitz, 1/5/21


Today, Bruesewitz tweeted the following concerning Kinzinger:

From the desk of John Lopez: Some detractors have pointed to Bruesewitz’s involvement at a “Stop the Steal” rally, and words about a “civil war” resulting from a rigged and stolen election. As POLITICO documented this morning, Bruesewitz has forcefully condemned violence, including the Capitol Riots of January 6. By all indications, Lauf has made a credible business decision and showing everyone her campaign means business to successfully primary Kinzinger from his seat next year.


IL-16: Catalina Lauf Hires Alex Bruesewitz to Help Run Her Campaign — 8 Comments

  1. Does Catalina Lauf agree with this from Bruesewitz?

    “What’s going to start a civil war is if we legitimize a rigged and stolen election. We will never acknowledge Joe Biden as the president of the United States.”

  2. The jewish controlled media is now anti vaxxers and Trump voters ‘extreme right wing,”

    It is a term used exclusively by “journalists” and “extremism researchers” to describe a large swath of the American population which rejects their cultural and political views.

    The term “white supremacy” is now thrown around in the same way by libs to describe all White Americans who reject cosmopolitanism, modernism and political correctness.

    In reality, they are the real fringe extremists.

    They are writing about other Americans from an extreme left-libertarian anarchist perspective.

  3. Yeah, well she may have gotten a consultant but I have a 760 word response to her talk about a “startup”! (Starting now)


    It is obvious that Lauf is being pushed as “the only viable alternative” to Kinzinger despite the fact that we won’t even know what the districts are going to look like for several months (or whether Kinzinger will even run for congress again). The tragedy in all this is not ONLY that she is being promoted this way by powerful people who think they know best for YOU, but also the fact that she is not an impressive candidate and may be riskier than her promoters and handlers are leading you to believe.

    Her statement was dumb and bad and everybody knows it. Look at this!

    “We are running our campaign as we would a startup.” I think I’ve heard her (and maybe others) say this before.

    I don’t get it. Isn’t that what all campaigns do?

    How could you run a new campaign like an old, well-established corporation? Wouldn’t any non-incumbent or newcomer be running their campaign like a “startup” since they are just starting? What is the difference between a “new business” and a “startup?” Or is this just like some Millennial or Gen Z “cool” slang word?

    What exactly does she mean by that? She wants to run it like a startup?

    She wants it to take in more money than it spends??

    She wants to advertise???

    She wants to get “investors?”

    It sounds like a repackaged Raunerite bromide which makes sense considering
    a) Lauf worked for Bruce Rauner when he was being primaried by the more conservative Jeanne Ives in 2018.
    b) Rauner used “Our Home, Our Fight” as his slogan and there was a super PAC for Lauf called “Our Future, Our Fight”

    Why the obsession over being a business owner from so many Republicans? It’s nice, but most people working or retired are NOT business owners. Those little “startups” need workers too. Realistically, not everybody is going to start a business or wants to start a business. Be sure to communicate with workers too, not just business owners.

    When I think of a “startup” I think of some AVOCADO-TOAST BOY in Silicon Valley talking about his “vision” for his new I-phone apps. It does not conjure a favorable image… Maybe Frank Luntz could do a focus group about that. I’m sick of hearing about “entrepreneurs” too. Every jerk making a hemp necklace or picking up soda cans or selling drugs or trading penny stocks is calling himself an “entrepreneur” these days. I met people who made twenty something thousand a year bragging about being an “entrepreneur.” It’s sick and needs to stop.

    Quit talking about “startups.” It’s a stupid buzzword that doesn’t impress anybody! At least explain what you mean if you’re going to casually toss it around like that. Don’t just make word salads with “cool” words. smh

    This sort of shallow crap is part of the reason why I didn’t support Lauf last time. She says one sentence about it being like a startup and then doesn’t say anything else about it! She starts talking about Trump and upsetting the political establishment. Ok whatever but what does that have to do with being like a “startup?” If I’m going to give you money, don’t just tell me “it’s going to be like a startup.” HOW?! What are you talking about?

    Reminds me of Rauner’s vague “shake up Illinois” or “shake up Springfield” line he used to say and when people would ask him “how” he always seemed perplexed and caught off guard. Hopefully Lauf will be more prepared for hard but reasonable questions than her old boss was. Rauner does teach us an important lesson though: He had billions of dollars and he still couldn’t figure out how to be a good politician (even after being in office for a few years). Some people just aren’t meant for politics. Some people can take every single type of training multiple times from FACL, Leadership Institute, local Republican organizations, etc and they’re still no good at praxis.

    I’m worried Lauf is going to get caught flat footed again like she did when the League of Women’s Voters asked her about the ERA and she didn’t know what it was. That told the audience she didn’t even do the most basic research or understand the organization that invited her to the forum. Her recent interviews have not exactly been hardball material — it’s been a bunch of fluff pieces! We can only assume Democrats will try to make that district less Republican. That being the case, it’s crucial for Republican voters to vet ALL candidates.


    And that’s all I got to say about that…

  4. This kid seems like a Sociopath.

    Gotta question the judgement of Lauf if this is her first big hire.

  5. **an extreme left-libertarian anarchist perspective.**

    I don’t think those words mean what you think they mean.

  6. I have a real question about Bruesewitz – I know he founded this consulting firm.

    But… what has he actually done?

    His LinkedIn has zero experience on it other than this firm.

    His bio on the consulting firm’s website says absolutely nothing about what he’s actually done.

    What is his actual experience?

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