IL-16: Democrat Marsha Williams Issues Statement on PRO Act

Marsha Williams

From the campaign of Marsha Williams, Democratic candidate for Congress IL-16:

Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act of 2021

On 2/4/2021, the House introduced the PRO Act regarding expanding workers’ rights. The pandemic has made it clear that most employers are failing their workers by not allowing them to negotiate better pay and safer working conditions. This worsening income inequality has the deepest impact on single-income households, women, and people of color, who often have jobs with lower wages and little to no wages.

We live in a free market, and with that said, we should be free to negotiate better wages, safer working conditions, and benefits. If an individual or a group of individuals wish to organize a labor union to achieve that, no law should prevent them from doing so. The working class is the backbone of America and keeps our country moving. No one should have to work more than one full-time job to support themselves and their families.

However, I do not support a requirement for freelance workers, small business owners, gig workers, and independent contractors to be forced from a 1099 worker to a W-2 employee. This will further hurt women, people of color, and individuals over the age of 55.

I would encourage legislators to remove the ABC test from this bill and allow for 1099 workers to work how they chose to work.


Ms. Williams’ statement was issued on March 2.


IL-16: Democrat Marsha Williams Issues Statement on PRO Act — 5 Comments

  1. The way I read this is her personal opinion.

    Show me the data on how you came to your conclusion.

    I always found that if you do not like the place your working at, go find another job.

  2. The problem is the number of single family homes in America!

    Over 19 million single parents at over 15 million are single moms.

    There is no family structure with 2 parents.

    If there were 2 parents per household you wouldn’t have to rely on that one low income.

    The other issue lies with the courts and judges not holding dead beat dads accountable.

    Fix those 2 issues and these so called issues would be minimal.

    Choices have consequences that the employer didn’t make.

    And if there is a bad working condition you have a government agency call OSHA!

  3. I’m glad you wrote about Marsha Williams. I’m pretty sure this lady is like a Tulsi Gabbard kind of candidate. By that I mean she’s ostracized by her own party for thinking slightly differently. Clearly she upsets Democrats. Look at Tom’s response.

    Williams has hardly any followers. She interacts with a lot of right wing people and is respectful to them (the establishment does not like that). She is not being promoted in the media (the opposite of Lauf or Underwood). From what I can tell, she isn’t being praised by members of her own party (it seems they are not attacking her but ignoring her for now). She has publicly stated opinions that go against the Democratic Party or that are at least a little nuanced. She has differentiated between cue-people and Trump supporters (gasp!). Another red flag for Dems on Williams: Look at when her Twitter was created. February 2021. She also admits to being a former Republican.

    I actually found about her because I lurk on Scott Pressler’s Twitter, John Lopez’s Twitter, Lauf’s Twitter, Lombardi’s Twitter. She was interacting with Lombardi’s supporters. That’s one of the things that stood out to me and I was like “no way will Democrats go with her; they’ll be calling her alt right and stuff.”

    What sort of political involvement has she done in the past with Democrats? Whose rings has she kissed? I think they are looking at her with a lot of skepticism even though she tweets out many things in support of Democrats and their policies. I just don’t know if she’s in the club so to speak. They aren’t looking for nobody that nobody sent.

    But I did enjoy this tweet from Marsha Williams.
    Marsha Williams 4 Congress
    Feb 25
    “Scott Presler came to #IL16 last Saturday and held an event called “Primary Adam Kinzinger” under the cloak that he was going to help local people to primary him.

    He lied to us. He came to that even{t} very well knowing Catalina Lauf was running.

    Something smells fishy.”

    “Many people came to that event who were intending to run for office. Scott told a Jack Lombardi that he already backed a candidate. Why was the event held by Scott when he knew who was going to run?

    He was there to collect data from the participants. This is not right at all.”

    Adding to that, neither Lombardi nor Marter, who were both in attendance at Pressler’s event, were given the opportunity to speak to the crowd and mention that they were running for congress, despite the fact that the purpose of the event was to train people to replace Kinzinger in congress. Plus, Pressler did not talk about “vote splitting” or anything like that. He completely avoided the subject of WHO people would replace Kinzinger with (which is an important detail). I think it’s highly likely, almost certain, that Pressler knew before hand he was going to back Lauf or he knew there would be some kind of GOPe approved candidate announcing shortly and that he would back that person.

    But the fact that a Democratic candidate is the one calling this out is odd and noteworthy. Most Republicans are not even in tune with all this inside baseball. Usually people are especially clueless about what happens in their opponents’ ranks. I think that the leadership of both parties encourage their rank and file members to remain as ignorant as possible about what other people think, why they think that, etc. Stay in your bubble. The media does it too.

    I think Democrats are going to try hard to make Williams NOT the nominee. Maybe they will recruit Dani Brzozowski who ran last time. She has some name recognition, plus she’s better looking than Williams.

  4. Do you remember how Twitter was in 2016?

    If there hadn’t been so much censorship after the 2016 election, what would the national political conversation sound like today?

    Censoring all the angry people doesn’t make them go away.

    There are many more of them now and they are significantly more radical than in 2016.

  5. @Correcting.

    Thank you for the lengthy response.

    I am just your regular everyday Mom just trying to make a difference in the world.

    I am neither far right or far left on any policies.

    I firmly believe that members of Congress are supposed to do one job and that to represent the American people and pass legislation to uplift our country and make it better.

    I do also know that entire legislative branch is broken.

    There is a nice video of Former Representative Cunningham who spoke is outgoing speech about the issues in Congress that faces both sides.

    Here is the video:

    No, I did not kiss anyone’s ring and will not do so upon asked.

    The only acceptance I am looking for is the people in district 16.

    I am actually the only one that is running that was born and raised in the district.

    Everyone else lives outside of the district (for now).

    I have always been involved in the community in some fashion or not.

    I was Committee Chair for Minooka Alumni Association from 2013-2017 where we held an event called Minooka vs. Morris Alumni Football game where we helped raise over $12,000 for stadium repairs in Minooka and assisted in establishing a scholarship program at Morris High School.

    Here is one of the many articles written about that.

    I also assisted in organizing two peaceful protests in Channahon and Shorewood over the summer for Black Lives Matter with a young black woman.

    I helped with planning, logistics, media, deterred several counter protests and threats of violence.

    Both of those events were successful with no incidents.

    She just gave me her ideas on what she wanted to do and I did the legwork for her so she can spend time spreading the message.

    I have also been involved with several charities but always been that “behind the scenes” person.

    Currently I am working with some local people in Wilmington to help restore Wilmington’s downtown area.

    We are hoping to get started when the weather is a bit warmer.

    I also currently work at a CDL School and helped over 500 people get job training and out of poverty.

    I LOVE my job here doing this work and if I don’t win for Congress, I will still have my job where I am at now working with bettering people’s lives.

    I frimley believe that people are not looking for a hand out, but a hand up in life.

    I also received by Bachelors in Science at Purdue Global University with at 3.2 GPA, received a 172 on my LSATS and the only reason why I didn’t go to Law School is because school is expensive and I won’t want to owe the government money until I die.

    I also helped knock on doors for Bill Foster (D District 11) in 2014 and did phone banking as well.

    I used to volunteer for a program called Wolf PAC that is pushing for legislation to repeal Citizens United.

    If you did a search on witness slips in Illinois, my name will pop up several times.

    I also was set to speak on the Senate Judiciary Committee during the hearings for Amy Coney Barrett about Pro-Choice policies and how strict Pro-Life laws hinder women, fetal, and post-natal health and often increase mortality rates among those groups.

    I also was going to speak about my son’s stillbirth and how pro-life laws would have killed me.

    I will be publishing a article about my son’s death later this week. However, they ran out of time and I wasn’t called.

    Depending on what policy is where ideology stands.

    However, I am not far right or alt right.

    But I am more of a moderate. I will not be apart of the establishment.

    You are so right about what happened with Scott Presler.

    There was an interaction between him and Jack (now some of those Tweets are deleted) triggered me to respond.

    I am HUGE about transparency expectually when it comes to collecting data and how that data is used.

    Scott knew beforehand that Catalina was going to run and she was not in attendance at the event.

    Scott even told Jack TO HIS FACE that he was supporting another candidate.

    This was 3 days prior for her to launching her campaign.

    This could have been an excellent opportunity for her to come to that event, announce her candidacy, meet the people and being completely transparent in how that data will be used.

    This did not happen.

    Without a doubt, Scott knew with was Lauf at that event.

    What Scott was really trying to achieve with that event is unknown, but the whole thing just doesn’t sit right with me.

    I will talk to anyone about anything.

    Which makes me stand out from the crowd.

    Sometimes our thinking is deterred due to lack of knowledge, personal experience, and propaganda.

    Explaining issues in a way for people to understand is crucial.

    With district 16 being a R+8 District, if the Democrat Committee wants to flip this district blue, they will want someone like me that can meet people in the middle.

    Also, physical looks can only go so far.

    I know I am average in looks but far better intellectually wise.

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