Legislators’ Pay

There have been complaints about the rules for paying Illinois state legislators lately.

CBS-TV did a story using Mike Madigan’s district as its example.

If a person serves any day in any month, he or she gets paid for the entire month.

Madigan got paid.

His hand-picked successor, Edward Kodatt, served two days before something untoward (and still unknown) resulted in enough pressure to force him to resign.

When it was pointed out that Kodatt could have received a full month’s salary, pressure was put upon him to refuse any payment.

The third person in the seat during February, Anjelica Guerrero-Cuellar, will get a full month’s pay.

So, taxpayers shelled out for two months’ salary for one legislative State Rep. district,

Tom Hanahan

But wait.

It used to be worse.

In the early 1970’s and before, legislators could get paid their two years’ salary in one lump sum…up front.

My Democratic Party colleague Tom Hanahan selected that option at least once.

I figured my budgeting skills were not good enough to make the money last two years, so I did not follow suit.


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  1. What if they resigned during the term?

    Would they have to pay it back pro rata?

    Why are township officials paid anything; they do NOTHING!

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