Danijela Sandberg Featured on WLS Radio

One of the stories on WLS-AM Easter concerned Algonquin Township Road Commissioner candidate Danijela Sandberg.

There were a couple more sentences including one that said there are now just seven female Township Highway Commissioners.


Danijela Sandberg Featured on WLS Radio — 9 Comments

  1. Already she has been running the township road department.

    Did Gasser resign or something?

  2. Gasser the Ghost wasting the most in ATRD history.
    No ATRD highway commissioner has wasted so much in such a short time and she hekped.

  3. I don’t believe in identity politics.

    She’s getting my vote because she is already doing a fine job there, and is certified and the Miller mafia cannot be let back in to wreak havoc on the taxpayers!

    Sandberg will win this!

  4. Nob you ignorant fool! Seriously, Gasser reduced the levy by 25% in his term of office! You complain that he spent too much. How is it he had the opportunity to spend so much and lower taxes so much? The answer is Miller and his family including Derek Lee spent way more than Gasser. They played the game of perpetual tax increases while repeated orders are entered for excessive taxation accumulation. And you attack Gasser. You obviously suck! Go look at http://derekleenotforme.com/

  5. Yes Frank, Gasser reduced the township levy, he also kept spending at Miller era levels, purchased replacement vehicles ahead of time, and expanded the road districts center line mileage.

    Gasser was able to do so because the R&B and equipment funds were way bigger in anticipation of improvements planned by Miller that were never competed.

    As reported on this blog the township was suited for excessive funds, what wasn’t in those articles was Lawyer Kelly failing to introduce during the trial that R&B extra fund were for the intersection improvement at SL and CL Ave’s, and Building fund was loaded for a improvement in the water and sewer system for the township which is on well and septic.

    Gasser killed both Improvements and is now spending off the extra funds, that’s why he can continue the same spending levels, while reducing the levy every year.

    The next Highway Commissioner will not have that luxury, as he also wasted ton’s, over a $mil I’ve heard, on lawsuits that had no chance of success.

    Now take a deep breath blow out and try to relax, Gasser/Sandberg maybe guilty of fraudulent activity related to the County’s Non dedicated Subdivision program, more to come on that.

    A fool is a person with half truths and fake news to rely on as fact, which is you Frank.

    You said The Millers spent/wasted way more than Gasser, yet less than $1000.00 has ever been reported on this blog, where was the other $999,000.00?

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