WGN Has Video of Fight against Cary House Fire

Taken from a helicopter, this video is fascinating:


The house is near Three Oaks Road.

Holly Lynn Lane, Cary, IL.
Holly Lynn Lane, Cary, IL.
Tankers at the intersection of Holly Lynn and Cove Drive in Cary.
Water was poured from the tanker trucks to a container from which the pumper filled hoses.
Early in the video.
Extension ladder before its stream of water began.
Stream of water from a very long extension ladder at Cary fire.
The water flow from the extension ladder dwarfs the others.


WGN Has Video of Fight against Cary House Fire — 6 Comments

  1. Greek Lightning, left over Easter weekend bonfire or grill to close to the house, bad early morning toaster?

    What gives as to early morning cause here Chief?

    Sucks when theres no fire hydrants nearby.

    Tanker Water trucks brought in from everywhere it looked like.

    Glad have heard of no injuries.

  2. What morons put their news on FAkebook? A place where no one with a brain would be caught dead? Besides that, this whole thing stinks to high heaven. EIGHTEEN cities responded and the place was a TOTAL loss! Sounds like some kind of a script running here.

  3. One way to dispose of incriminating evidence, and an insurance claim.

  4. Did anybody ever go to Santa’s Village when they were a kid and go on the choo choo train where you got to put out the fire with the hose?

    Or as a parent taking your kid?

    That was fun.

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