Johnsburg School District Results

Here is how the Johnsburg Unit School District 12 School Board election turned out:

The top four on the ballot won election:

  • Kathy Barrett
  • Cathy Ness
  • Thomas Oeffling
  • Terry Link

Neiss and Offling were endorsed by the Democratic Party.


Johnsburg School District Results — 3 Comments

  1. Donald and Haller were the conservatives Ed Hettermann stabbed in the back at the Johnsburg Community Club.

  2. Hettermann’s deteriorating health will become an even bigger issue this year.

  3. No one was stabbed in the back.

    If you think the one or two votes they may have garnished from the club would have put them over the top you’re sadly mistaken.

    They were out of touch not only with voters, but with what’s actually taking place at the schools and in the board room.

    Tap the Brakes…. on education?

    Great idea.

    When we’re done with that, let’s tap the brakes on medical supplies to hospitals, fire fighting equipment for the fire departments, so on and so forth.

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