McHenry County Democrats’ Make Recommendations in All Local Elections

From the website of the McHenry County Democratic Party comes sample ballot recommendations for

  • Municipal office
  • Township government
  • School Board
  • Park Board
  • Library Board
  • Fire Protection Districts
  • etc.

The following explanation is above the twenty pages of endorsements and recommendations:


McHenry County Democrats’ Make Recommendations in All Local Elections — 14 Comments

  1. Greatest Candidate listing have ever seen—

    whatever The MC Dems wanted, I’m using to vote the other way.

    Thank you as I bring the printed list with me to the ballott box later today.

    Since I Cant seem to find specific info on some of these candidates, this is the next best thing.

    Thank you MC Blog.

  2. Good now we know who are the demonrats so we can vote for the one’s they’ve crossed out!

  3. You are creating a partisan race our of traditionally non-partisan local elections.

    Township, village, library, etc should be elections of people without the negative stigma of Republican or Democrat.

    Please drop this practice.

  4. This is dumb.

    Everyone on the board in Grafton, D158 and most of Huntley are Republicans.

    When there are NO democrats running, they should maybe look who would be the best of the Republicans running.

  5. Shalom Ya’All —

    Funny how you all need a scorecard to keep track of republicans and democrats.

    Apparently nobody here has even considered the candidates and the issues, just the party affiliation.

    Stay ignorant my friends,

    The Most Interesting Jew in the World

  6. Shalom Paul —

    Thank you!!! You keep driving home my point. Note that my point is not that all democratic voters are F-ing dumb. Rather, it is that the posters on this blog, including you, suffer from benightedness. Thank you!!!

    Stay ignorant my friends,

    The Most Interesting Jew in the World


  7. @Uber Jew..

    The Democrats printing this not the Republicans.

    Maybe Republicans would have voted for the so called best candidate but since the Democrats want to make it a partisan race don’t feel bad when Republicans use this against the Dems.

    Kind of like when the Dems decided that only needing 51 votes in the Senate to appoint Federal Judges.

    Use the Nuclear Option without thinking through things and it bites you in the butt!

  8. Uber jew is the prejudiced racist he is. Move to Israel perv and perv out.

  9. Mixed feelings on this one, Cal.

    I like that they’re organized enough to do this and wish Republicans were as organized.

    But it was only like a week ago that I was complaining about the GOP not doing a censure the right way.

    I want the GOP to make endorsements — but do it the right way.

    That means more than an executive committee.

    I wonder if the Democrats did it the right way.

    Did they have a vote on this?

    When you say “Democrats” endorsed… Who did the endorsing?

    Who was involved?

    Also, this list is helpful for people who don’t like Democrats because it tells them who NOT to vote for if you know what I’m saying.

  10. All I know is that I found these sample ballots on the Democrat’s web site.

  11. There is no explanation on endorsements for these candidates.

    What was their criteria for endorsing?

    Did they just look at people’s voting record?

    Do any Democrats reading this blog know?

  12. How much did Underwood (D-Antifa) and her vile transgendered goons have a filthy hand in this?

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