Non-Incumbent Fails to Knock Out Any Crystal Lake Council Member

This year’s election in Crystal Lake was different from ones when Aaron Shepley was Mayor.

Then, opponents were knocked off the ballot.

This time there was a contest not only for Mayor, in which Acting Mayor Haig Halebilian won 53.6% of the vote against Donald Kountz (16.4%) and James Sisto (30%).

There was also a challenger to the three council members currently in office.

That was new, too.

Robert Breckbiel made it on the ballot, which was better than previous potential challengers, but he came in fourth.


  • Mandy Montford
  • Cameron Hubbard
  • Ian Philpot

won more than enough votes to keep their seats.

Philpot and Brechbiel were endorsed by the Democratic Party.

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