Tribune Riffs on Government Corruption the Day Before Election

In an Editorial Monday, the Chicago Tribune bemoaned continuing corruption by governmental and prior governmental officials.

The poster child pictured was former State Senator Annazette Collins (D-Chicago).

She is one of the lame ducks who voted for the Democrats income tax hike 67% just before leaving office.

Thereafter, she picked up money lobbying for the corrupt Commonwealth Edison.

She was indicted for income tax evasion, presumably in an attempt to pry information that might be helpful in the hunt to the U.S. Attorney’s biggest trophy, Mike Madigan.

Her indictment follows similar ones for former State Rep. Eddie Acevedo (D-Chicago) and two sons for income tax evasion.

After leaving office, he worked for two Com Ed lobbyists–John Bradley and Shaw Decremer.

Former State Senator Terry Link (D-Lake County) is also mentioned. He plead guilty to income tax evasion and admitted using campaign funds for personal purposes (and presumably did not pay income taxes on the amount).

To make the editorial bipartisan, former Republican Congressman, State Rep. and Obama Transportation Secretary’s Ray LaHood’s illegally unreported $50,000 loan from a Lebanese-Nigerian businessman, for which LaHood was not indicted, but fined $40,000 and forced to repay the borrowed, is mentioned.

The editorial ends with this:

How many days can the state of Illinois go without another installment of politicians behaving badly?

Set your timer.

It won’t be long.

= = = = =

Decremer has made McHenry County appearances as


Tribune Riffs on Government Corruption the Day Before Election — 2 Comments

  1. Like the old “It’s been x days since a workplace accident.”

    We could do that but for Illinois politicians being arrested.

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