John Fuller Wins Another Term as Dorr Township Road Commissioner in Re-Match with Predecessor Tom Thurman

Four years ago John Fuller defeated incumbent Dorr Township Road Commissioner Tom Thurman.

This year, Thurman did his best to re-capture the job.

According to election night results Thurman fell fourteen votes short.

Fuller won 466 to 452.

In the next two weeks all mailed in votes that arrived late will be added to the totals.

It is possible, but not probable, that Thurman could achieve victory.


John Fuller Wins Another Term as Dorr Township Road Commissioner in Re-Match with Predecessor Tom Thurman — 4 Comments

  1. I liked how the Democrats didn’t endorse either Thurman or Fuller lol what a bunch of buffoons.

    Real profiles in courage. Somebody is going to get elected.

    Who is less bad?

    The McHenry County Democratic Party is in arrested development.

    They have the emotional control of a baby.

    Did they look up Fuller and Thurman’s record, find out those guys vote Republican, and stomp their feet like babies?

    That’s what it sounds like.

    They crossed out the names of certain people running unopposed and even a write-in.

    Imagine having that much hate and anger in your heart.

    That hate and anger is going to come right back at them.

  2. Thurman bought enough equipment to run the whole county or rival a large scale business.

    That’s not what Dorr Township needed and it cost them dearly.

    Correcting why would the Dems have endorsed either one of them.

    They are both Republicans.

  3. What does that even mean — “they are both Republicans” — in the context of filling potholes and plowing snow?

    You’re confirming what I suspected:

    The McHenry County Democratic Party just looked at party affiliation and made endorsements based on that as opposed to actually knowing anything about the candidates and what made them different from one another or what made them qualified or unqualified for office.

    Their endorsement list either had the name crossed out, the name left blank, or the name endorsed.

    So the cross-out is just to demonstrate the candidate is a Republican and therefore you should not vote for them? Dozens of endorsements, blanks, and cross outs with no explanation and the only one we can surmise is party affiliation.

    These people aren’t serious about helping their community, they just want to divide it.

    That division is going to come back at them hard and they aren’t going to like it when it does.

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