NWH Reporting Dems Complaining about Missing Votes in Cary

WBBM reports the following about the alleged vote counting problems brought forward by McHenry County Democrats:

McHenry County Democratic Party Chairwoman Kristina Zahorik said the party notified the clerk’s office of the problem with some strange things happening at at least three polling places in Cary.

“We had reports of people going in and voting and on the election results the candidates were showing they had no votes which, of course, can’t happen,” Zahorik told the Northwest Herald. “I mean even if they voted for themselves, they’d have a vote.”

There was a Cary Library District contest with only a write-in candidate endorsed by Democrats in play.

In my library district election rsults article, i wrote,

There were no candidates for the two-year term, whose vacancy will be filled by appointment unless Democratic Party write-in candidate Janet Polep gains enough votes.

The results posted at 9:15 Tuesday night showed no indication of write-in votes:

I’m remembering from last elections that the number of write-in votes were indicated, but not by candidate name.

Ballots are being hand counted in the Count Clerk’s Office.


NWH Reporting Dems Complaining about Missing Votes in Cary — 7 Comments

  1. Too much software and hardware.

    We have to go back to a more primitive system.

    Elections predate computers by a long time.

    Don’t let retarded technocrats tell you otherwise.

    It’s a fact.

  2. Go back to paper ballots!

    Have real judges.

    Not fake Republican judges who are really democrats.

  3. yeah how do you like it ….. now you know what we feel and felt from the cheaters.

  4. What’s wrong with the old system of paper ballots.

    I’m sick of votes being digitally erased.

    Shame on Tirio, McClellan, Schultz.

    They are all lame.

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