The Ultimate Threat

When school districts want more money, the ultimate threat is that sports will be canceled.

Warren Township High School District (eastern Lake County) just lost a tax hike referendum, thanks, in part, to Jim Tobin’s efforts.

Now comes, District 211’s Superintendent saying the referendum loss will result in no sports, according to the Daily Herald:

Without tax hike, Warren Township High athletics to be axed in 2023, superintendent says

Warren Township High School’s athletic programs are on track to be eliminated by the 2023 school year along with many classes and clubs after district 121 voters failed to approve a proposed property tax hike, Superintendent John Ahlgrim said Wednesday. Full Story


The Ultimate Threat — 9 Comments

  1. Good cancel the sports.

    Why let transgendered delusionals compete against HS girls?

    Start private leagues.

  2. Taxpayers shouldn’t be paying for schools to have organized sports.

    Let the kids who want to play join private leagues.

  3. Code Blue, is your sexuality that fragile that you bring Transgender into the discussion.

    No where in the article is it even discussed.

  4. Emphasis should always be on education to the exclusion of all else.

    Now suck it up and get on with life.

  5. One period of gym each day in high school is minimal requirement for we whose 70 percent of our real estate tax bill is for school districts. Anything beyond this daily one period for physical education participation, including team competition sports with other schools, must be paid for by parents.

  6. boohooo cost that much it should be cancelled, and they should go to school all year long as well may be they would learn something.. they can have play dates after …

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