With McHenry County Clerk Corrections, D300 Board Seat Too Close to Call

Christine Birkett
Dr. David Scarpino
Emmanuel Thomas

Now only 33 votes separate 3rd and 4th place finisher from electoral win or loss

Once McHenry County Clerk Joe Tirio’s office applied corrections to the election night returns, it became clear local school board and community college returns saw the most dramatic change.

In Algonquin-based Community Unit School District #300 school board race, it was abundantly clear, given a “lead change”, or a change in whom wins, could be imminent with outstanding vote-by-mail ballots.

After McHenry County Clerk corrections, and updates from Kane County, here is how D300 races stand through early Friday afternoon:

D300 School Board (3)McHenryKaneTotal
xChristine Birkett (Dundee)58626403226
Emmanuel Thomas (Dundee)48619722458
Kristina Paul (Dundee)37019232293
Daniel Dale (Dundee)152761913
xDavid Scarpino (Hampshire)60425893193
Holly Jarovsky (Algonquin)71517072422
Kim Withycombe (Algonquin)65914062065

While Christine Birkett and Dr. David Scarpino have clearly won election to the D300 school board, the 3rd place finisher, appointed incumbent Emmanuel Thomas maintains a slim 33-vote lead over 4th place candidate Holly Jarovsky of Algonquin Township.

Put another way, the final D300 school board winner is “too close to call”.

McHenry County Blog will continue to monitor updates to election returns from both McHenry and Kane counties next week to see if Thomas indeed wins or if a lead change takes place.

Must be noted, Christine Birkett is D300 School Board Member Nancy Zettler’s first vice chairman in the Dundee Township Democratic Party, where Zettler serves as chair.

Original Election Night Final Update Tote Board

D300 School Board (3)McHenryKaneTotal
Christine Birkett (Dundee)21525042719
Emmanuel Thomas (Dundee)18718582045
Kristina Paul (Dundee)11118711982
Daniel Dale (Dundee)39743782
David Scarpino (Hampshire)21124662677
Holly Jarovsky (Algonquin)19716661863
Kim Withycombe (Algonquin)17913651544

The three candidates backed by the teachers union, and Dundee Township Democrat Chair/School Board Member Nancy Zettler sweep school board.

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