UPDATE 2: Victor Santi Claims Write-In Victory in McHenry Ward 1

Results from Victor Santi,the horse’s mouth, so to speak:

  307 – 147

A Friend of McHenry County Blog previously wrote,

According to the tapes posted on the door the night of the election Santi had 197 votes to Baehne’s 107.

Had gap to close with early voting.

That is why he claimed victory

Victor Santi yard sign.

16-year McHenry Alderman did not make it on the ballot this year.

Nevertheless, he ran a successful write-in campaign.

From Victor Santi’s Facebook page.

Haven’t found the results of his claimed victory over Bobbi Baehne.

It must have been more that the 147 votes Baehne, endorsed by the Democrats, received.


UPDATE 2: Victor Santi Claims Write-In Victory in McHenry Ward 1 — 15 Comments

  1. Great!

    At least one decent soul got elected and a little kook got beat.

  2. John Lopez, Congresswoman Lauren Underwood also endorsed Terry Kappel for McHenry Township Trustee, who lost.

  3. When did we become a WARD? this is not sanctuary city… or is it?

  4. Jim Condon, pseudo Republican and McHenry Township Road Dist. Commissioner had a big Baehne sign outside his bar in McCullom Lake.

    These RINOs must be herded over a cliff like the American Indians used to do with buffalo.

  5. The Underwood people put out many hundreds of Kappel signs.

    And I see nobody is clearing them.

  6. Congratulations Mr. Santi.

    How ’bout them apples, Lauren Underwood?

  7. Bob Anderson, thank you.

    I did mention Terry Kappel running and being supported by Lauren Underwood’s Farm PAC under the McHenry Township trustees article.

    You are correct.

    I missed her backing Mr. Kappel due to he was not endorsed in her 1st wave of 21 endorsements I wrote about in mid February.

    She ended up backing 36 local candidates in counties of the current 14th Congressional District.

    Thus far, looks like 16 of the 36 have won, and still researching (given the McHenry County “anomalies” from the clerk’s office, won’t finish until later).

    My guess, she’ll have more wins.

    I am going to delineate “unearned” wins vs. “earned” wins, kind of like baseball.

    For example, Underwood backing Assessor Mary Mahady in an uncontested race is an “unearned” win.

    Same thing happened in the city of Geneva.

    Will finish the analysis and a separate article, with scorecard of how Underwood’s 3-dozen did this election, soon.

  8. Mary Mahady is one of the most vile creatures in the County.

    She was even too much for Jack Franks who called her ‘screwy.’

  9. Absolute agreement on MaHady!

    If you have ever appealed your taxes, and if you have not, you should as well as requesting an in person appeal so you can witness the Circus clowns including her!

    She cannot even express and/or cite what methods / policies she utilizes to assess taxes.

    In fact, she told me explicitly that “number of bedrooms in a home is NOT a factor!”…

    she one of the number one wastes of taxpaper $$$ in this County!

    Then had the audacity to attempt to nauseatingly talk down to me and tell me “well if we lower your taxes, someone else’s will go up to bridge the shortfall to the budget” …

    that’s her excuse and her method – pathetic as she is!

  10. Certainly the pathetic Mayor was not happy with the Santi win!

    Let’s hope Santi now grows some balls and pushes back on the City of corruption and abuse of power he has made it!

    The Mayor couldn’t even get his candidacy documents correct or in order after 3 tries and had to seek help because he couldn’t do it himself and get a passing grade!

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