Nearly $3,000 for Sponge Bob Popsicle Purchase by 4-Year Old

NPR reporter Derek Cantu wrote a story entitled,

Illinois House Approves Adding Warnings To Video Games That Include ‘Loot Boxes’

The article focuses on House Bill 2943.

On April 21st the bill passed the Illinois House on a Roll Call of 72 to 45, which can be seen below:

Local Republicans voted, “No.” Local Democrat Suzanne Ness voted in favor.

Today, the WIND “Daybreak Insider” featured a story on the type of action the bill is intended to warn against:

The problem with the legislative proposal in the WIND-featured instance is that the four-year-old probably could not have been able to read the warning the bill prescribes and the parents might not notice:

Attention Parents: A Loot Box System exists in this game that permits an unlimited amount of REAL MONEY to be spent without any age restriction. REAL MONEY is exchanged for random digital items. This process has been linked to REAL LIFE GAMBLING ADDICTIONS in both children and adults. Please regulate your own spending as well as your children’s spending.


Nearly $3,000 for Sponge Bob Popsicle Purchase by 4-Year Old — 8 Comments

  1. 1) fact check – it was $2,618.85 worth of posicles, not $4k.

    2) The bill wouldn’t have impacted this situation at all, because the kid bought them on amazon, not via a video game.

  2. Don’t you mean “prescribes” rather than “proscribes”?

    Proscribe means to prohibit. They are not prohibiting a warning message.

  3. Why is a 4-year-old on the internet unsupervised.

    This shouldn’t be possible but parents need to take responsibility.

  4. Murmuring is right. All of my grandchildren know that I wouldn’t have let ANY of them have cell phones or be on the internet at all! What kind of a dummy uses the internet to babysit a child? Hard to believe ANY of that story is true.

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