Contact Tracing Finds Coronavirus Hot Spot at Niko’s R & R Supper Club in Marengo

From the McHenry County Health Department:

MCDH urging people who visited Marengo business in May to quarantine

McHENRY COUNTY — Anyone who visited Niko’s R & R Supper Club, 7509 S. Grant Highway in Marengo, from May 14 to May 22 is urged to quarantine after a preliminary investigation has determined that people who visited the facility during those dates may have been exposed to COVID-19.

A complaint received by the McHenry County Department of Health (MCDH) on June 1 indicated that there was a potential exposure at a large event held on May 22 at the facility.

Upon further investigation, MCDH confirmed that individuals who were at the establishment on or after May 14 until May 22 had tested positive for the virus.

Those who were at the facility on May 22 should quarantine themselves until June 5 unless they develop symptoms.

People who visited the business and either has symptoms or begin to develop symptoms should be tested and isolate themselves from other people in their home to avoid spreading the virus.

MCDH is working with the facility to ensure that the appropriate protocols are in place so that there will be no further risk to the staff or the general public.

“We are continuing to investigate this event, but what matters most at this time is for anyone who visited the business during the dates of potential exposure to quarantine through June 5. 

“If anyone begins to develop symptoms such as a cough, fever or chills, headache, new loss of taste or smell or muscle aches, please isolate and have yourself tested.”

A mask is a tool that reduces the transmission of COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses.

Those who are not fully vaccinated are expected to continue wearing masks when in public settings with people they do not live with, especially when a six-foot distance cannot be maintained.

Anyone who is 12 and older is eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine. For more information about upcoming vaccination clinics, please visit For links to testing locations, please visit


Contact Tracing Finds Coronavirus Hot Spot at Niko’s R & R Supper Club in Marengo — 28 Comments

  1. Did that business establishment have covid warnings such as fever, cough, chills, etc posted at its front door? Did staff wear masks? Did it require masking at all times except when putting food in mouth?

  2. I think Schenk ought to move to Venezuela. I’ll help her pack!

  3. Speculate much, Cynthia?

    I vote for Guatemala and offer to join the packing party.

  4. Oh STFU, stupid Nazi’s.

    You don’t quarantine healthy people!

    Still making up arbitrary rules, aren’t you?

    Who are these stupid power hungry tyrants?

    We should look into these people!

  5. What a load of crap! Are you people seriously letting ANYTHING contact trace you? You deserve to be in the gulag if you are that STUPID! You are lambs WILLINGLY going to the slaughter!

  6. Bred, who cares?

    People went (and still do go) there because they want to be free and they love the Patriot owner.

    Why should any business have to post anything regarding a 99.7% survivable virus?

    Should they also be required to have signs that say ‘look both ways before crossing the street?’ ‘Remember not to eat too much fried foods?’

  7. Nikkos’ owner is a well known conservative.

    I suspect they are being targeted by our local Fauci acolytes.

    Fauci should be imprisoned for the rest of his life.

    That means he won’t be participating with the pizzagate crowd of elites.

    Those emails from him to Gates and Gate’s replies are quite eye-opening.

    Nobody ever elected Fauci or Gates, yet these self-appointed ‘betters’ seem to have been behind one of the biggest scams in American (and world) history.

    I really order of the Gates ‘divorce’ is a way to protect half (or more) of the billionaire’s swag, just like the guy in the Enron scandal engineered….. just in case something went wrong for Billy boy Gates.

  8. Only idiots and morons followed any of the fake mandates. There STILL is no such thing as a virus that you can ‘catch’. If you are STILL arguing over that you are lost forever! Enjoy your gulag until the ‘real’ massacre starts.

  9. Hey, little round bugwoman.

    Anyone who “followed protocol” deserves to be bankrupt.

    How about that?

    The restaurants that didn’t listen to liars and tyrants are doing fine.

    Thanks for reminding all of us just how much of a Karen you are.

  10. Throwing this out there:

    1. Many of you complain when you have nothing
    2. Notice the date is May 22.
    3. The owner of Higher Hopes Hemp farm organized a non-sponsored Senior Prom since the high school canceled prom
    4. There was a social media drive for donations
    5. Niko allowed his venue to be used the evening of May 22.

    Seems to me that there was an outbreak of Covid.

    Who knows the original carrier, but it appears that it spread to the students who attended the prom.

  11. So all these so-called friends of the taxpayer think it’s appropriate to lie and swindle to grab money from the Cares act which is specifically meant to offset the cost of PPE and following protocols along with business loss.

    The moral character of these individuals or rather the decay is evident right here.

    Anti-Americans without concern for the loss of life or potential long-term injuries. Deeply supportive of corruption and deception.

    I am just disgusted with the lack of education, empathy, and moral compass of so many.

    They call other’s moochers.

    They are the worst disease in this country, far more deadly than COVID with long-term injuries and harm.

    All of them combined would flunk 8th grade for the third time.

  12. Cynthia? You don’t EVEN want to go there! Moral character, corruption, and deception? GTFOH You throw those words around without beginning to know the meaning of what has been done by ALL the TOTAL lies this horrific hoax is based upon. You are too stupid to understand that you have been hornswoggled by the New World Odor. You willingly put your own shackles on and await your demise.

  13. “I am just disgusted with the lack of education, empathy, and moral compass of so many.”

    Spoken like a true liberal.

  14. Aren’t you the chump that claimed to have taken one of these body-altering jabs? Weren’t you singing the praises like a total moron? You think any of this genocide is funny?

  15. I’m fully vaccinated now thanks to Trump’s Warp Speed on these life saving vaccines.

    I’m just worried for the elderly you can literally kill because you’re selfish.

  16. And the chump shows his stupid face once again, just to prove how truly incapacitated his brain is.

  17. Cindy you’re the idiot you old fool.

    Maybe you should look at the facts dumb ass.

    Wake up!

    I bet when you go to the doctors you’ll be putting on your mask or your sorry ass will not be seen.

  18. Only fools go to doctors! Only fools donned any Satanic masks. Only dead fools have taken the jab.

  19. Wow just wow Marengo post office finest and come out to play!

    So Cindy you think if you took the gym and you’re gonna die I think you need to go check yourself in for some psychiatric evaluation you sound like the stupid ass lady who owns the Emporium and all her bantering about satyr in a new world order.

    Or maybe you’re the sweet little animal shop owner trying to pretend to be a good person even though everyone knows that you spent time in jail for scamming people out of many thousands of dollars trying to sell your two babies that you told them you were raped and that’s why I wanted to sell them how despicable.

    She latches onto Marango and she doesn’t even live in Marango and all of you buy into her act.

    The main point here is these restaurants like the spot, north side Pointers etc took the free money and did nothing close or follow protocol.

    How evil cyndi is to wish the ones who
    Do go out of business.

    Cindy are a fine example of why Marango is a horrible town For uneducated redneck people.

    This town could use a nice disaster to wipe it off the map that would be the best thing it could happen

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